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Fire Lily for BH?

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    Fire Lily for BH?

    Hello guys,

    Why Trinket Fire Lily is so popular among BHs? I was sure that crits are extremely important for BH, and this Trinket blocks any crits for 500% dmg. Does it worth it? Or don't I understand how it actually works?

    The Fire Lily works up until about Trail level 120-130; depending on build and game play.
    Critical builds are important alternatives and in Master League Trials.

    Happy Hunting


      So which Trinkets are best for 4H/2D build?


      • WarriorSeven
        WarriorSeven commented
        Editing a comment
        It varies just a bit over several of the meta builds. If you are in fact moving toward a CRIT build for higher Trials (transitioning away from Fire Lily), typical trinkets are Vial of the Wind Spirt (VotWS) and Talisman of Storms (ToS). For my 4H/2D hero, I use Crit Dmg, Crit Rat, Fire Dmg, and Pwr. as attributes. Others may substitute Pwr. with Phys. Dmg. as an alternative.

        For the rest of your CRIT build, most of your other gear needs Crit Dmg, Crit Rat, and Pwr. Add Haste and/or Ability Rate where you have space, but reserve Movement Speed for Pants and Boots in lieu of Haste (or AR). In addition to the Fire Dmg. for the trinkets above, also add it to your Bracer and Belt.