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    Error mission items

    Game version: 1.5.14
    Windows/IOS/Android + version: Windows 1.5.14 & Android 1.5.14
    Device Model : sony xperia 1 II
    Map or Trial : Map & Trial Level 15
    Player Type : Warrior & Mage
    Player Gear:
    Reproducible: 1/5

    Current situation (bug):
    After accepting the daily mission "Lost Souls", I first used the Warrior to perform some levels. The item bar got the "Lost Souls" mission props, but did not return the mission with the Warrior.
    Then I changed the role of the game, used Mage to perform some levels, and obtained props for the "Lost Souls" mission, and used Mage to return the mission.
    I found that the "Lost Souls" quest items in the Warrior inventory cannot be discarded or sold, resulting in an inventory slot being occupied

    Expected situation (working):
    Help me delete items

    Steps reproduce the bug:
    1. used Warrior to perform some levels, got the "Lost Souls" mission props
    2. used Mage to perform some levels, got the "Lost Souls" mission props
    3. return "Lost Souls" mission

    "Lost Souls" quest item stuck in my inventory after turning it into the Jewelry Crafting NPC.


      Same i have quest item in my inventory but different quest


        This is a known issue: if you ever hand in a quest that involves quest items, on a *different* character than the one that has the items in the inventory, they are left there (and unremovable). Only way to resolve it is waiting for the quest to show up again on the same character and handing it in correctly, that'll remove all stuck items.

        And from now on, try to avoid handing in quests with items on the wrong character.


          Known issue.
          Workaround: Wait for the quest to reappear in the daily rotations and then accept quest with the character who already has the items and then immediately turn in.
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