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Mobile - Too many boosters blocks access to health potions

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  • Turgeon
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    Yeah and not being able to click on boss to see the effect on him is a bit frustrating too

  • Guest
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    This has been a problem since before they introduced the extra boosters I am afraid. It's on the Devs radar, however I don't think it's a priority otherwise it would have been solved years ago. It's more frustrating not to be able to see trails stats.

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    I have the exact same problem. The only option on a mobile device (I play exclusively on a tablet) is to draw the symbol for the apple, potion, or teleporter on the screen. They are <, W, and S.

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  • Mobile - Too many boosters blocks access to health potions

    Limited size for screenshot attachment, so apologies for the heavily cropped image.

    Bug is possibly mobile only. Very easy to reproduce, so I haven't used the bug report template:

    Using FOUR boosters simultaneously (coffee and food from inn, plus XP and Gold/Gem boosters) overlaps and prevents access to the health potion and apple.
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