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Claiming a season reward with AnB toon?

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    Claiming a season reward with AnB toon?

    I know this has been asked in the past...Don't remember what the answer was.
    I just completed my last seasonnal milestone with my AnB character. Eliminate 200 bosses.I got rewarded with a master crafter's crate.
    The thing showed up in a my AnB mail after a trial. I claimed it thinking it was an AnB reward.
    Any risks to open the crate with that character??

    Congrats, your ANB hero now has a Master Crafters Crate and its contents.


      Players have been receiving Season Milestone Rewards with ANB heroes for five seasons now. Gotta start calling it a feature rather than a bug. Has been going on so long that I do not even bother mentioning it anymore.

      Now, enjoy those dozens of additional crafts that you may now make.
      My Eternium Data Files Can Be Found Here:

      Eternium Files

      Trial Level Unlock Updated: 2020-05-27
      All Hero Type Abilities Updated: 2020-05-02

      Please let me know if you find any obsolete information or errors. I also welcome suggestions for presentation or content.


        Thank you guys!


          Not teaching you but an event hero can also claim season bank gold if the season has finished while an ANB is running.


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            Thanks for the info...seems I was about the only one not doing it...(moved to bug reports)
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