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Gameplay and Crash - Stormcaller set - FPS plummets and the game sometimes crashes.

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    Gameplay and Crash - Stormcaller set - FPS plummets and the game sometimes crashes.

    Game version: 1.5.38
    Windows/IOS/Android + version: Android 10 / Win10
    Device Model (EX: Apple iPhone7) : OnePlus 7T / Intel i7 16gb ram, Geforce 1060, 1Gb SSD.
    Map or Trial (EX: Trial Level 92): All trial levels
    Player Type (EX: Mage): Mage
    Player Gear: Stormcaller set, FK set
    Abilities: Arcl Lightning, Frostbolt, Time Warp, Blizzard, Singularity, Endurance, Mage armor, Power Infusion
    Reproducible: 5/5

    Current situation (bug): When you gather over 4-5 mob packs, cast blizzard + singularity on them, then the Event Horizons spawn and the game literally freezes. FPS plummets to less than one. The situation is even worse when the FK set bubble procs. Then there is a high chance that the game also crashes. This happens on all devices and platforms. Be it an over the average PC or a top end phone.

    This is nothing new, this issue has existed as long as the set has existed.

    Expected situation (working): No FPS drop while casting abilites. Maybe the glory refund to those who ever bought the set.

    Steps reproduce the bug: Read above or watch the video

    Screenshots or Video of the bug:

    What about this? Will you do something? Can i have my glory back?

    Scroll to 2:47 -


    • Grand_Wazoo
      Grand_Wazoo commented
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      Wow...that's bad. Won't unlock mine.

    • Heikki Gross
      Heikki Gross commented
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      After purchasing the set, DP should send you a rig what can handle the lag.

    Immagine you start selling a car what has bad brakes. When you drive slow, everything is fine but as you start going faster the brakes fail and crash the car. But you don't care, you just sell the car and pretend that nothing is wrong.