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Quest item stuck in inventory

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  • Brill
    commented on 's reply
    Ahhh okay. I must have had the quest active on my main when I started my ANB char and didn't realize.
    Thanks for the clarity into the matter!

  • Tin Man
    Let me guess, you accepted and did the task of the Not a Bridge Again Daily Quest with one hero but completed the quest to collect the reward with a different hero.

    Any time that you accept and run the tasks for a Daily Quest with one hero but complete the quest to get the rewards with another, typically ANB heroes, you run the risk of being stuck with Daily Quest remnants. Any time a Daily Quest has an associated token that sits in inventory and you do not complete the Daily Quest with the hero holding the Daily Quest tokens, then you are stuck with the tokens until you are able to run the Daily Quest again with the hero holding the tokens.

    Can also happen if you switch heroes while one some of the Act I Daily Quests are active, like Lost Souls. You get some tokens with one hero but not enough to complete the Daily Quest. You start from zero when you switch heroes. When you complete the Daily Quest with the second hero? The tokens will not be removed from the first hero.

    The bug is that you are allowed to complete Daily Quests with ANB heroes that where run with non-ANB heroes.

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  • Brill
    started a topic Quest item stuck in inventory

    Quest item stuck in inventory

    Game version: 1.5.84
    Player Type: Mage (Brill)
    Reproducible: It's stuck in my inventory. I can't sell or throw it out.

    Current situation (bug): The item "Treatise on Bridge Crossing" is labeled as a Quest Item however, I don't have the quest and I cannot dispose of this. Says it's "required for quest 'not a bridge again...'

    Steps reproduce the bug:
    1. Log in

    2. Check inventory

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

    Thank you