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    Originally posted by Ozymandius View Post
    In my "in game" experience, Blade Flurry worked well at lower trial levels, especially before I started earning CL points. I used it through about TL50, and found it to be an effective way to enhance an otherwise slow attack speed. Its not as easy to use on a PC as it is on a touch screen though, so developers please consider placing the icon directly over the warrior's position on the screen instead of in the corner.
    Thanks for the info, now I don't need to test it myself

    I noticed that some of the higher ranked warriors are using Battle Rage, but so far I haven't figured out how to use that one...
    Battle Rage is pretty much a buff, which boosts your attack speed, your damage (from level 6 or 7, can't remember) and at level 10 gives your Warrior the movement boost to the next target. So, there's not much to it other than: keep it active as often as you can.

    My advice to new players is to try things out for yourself and learn what works best for YOUR hero because each hero has its own set of strengths and weakness based on their available weapons, gear, & CL points. Use the training ground to try out new gear and attack options to maximize my ability for the next TL, and often your results may be surprising based on threads like this one.
    Can't agree more, there are a lot of factors when it comes to considering what's "best" - and that's not taking account your preferences/play styles. Most of the calculations and comparisons you see are for high CL characters - mainly due to the fact that those doing the comparisons have been playing for a while and are at high levels, and usually don't have a low/mid range character to test things with.
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      Ozymandius - Yeah, right. Apologies for the generalization but given the time you can see when some forum members joined or started posting, then you'll see if they've been long around so you can also adjust or understand where they're coming from. Nonetheless, yes, I think the only stage that BF is viable is at low levels where ASPD is low.

      In my defense, back then when I'm using warrior, the ASPD was never low with the skills given and before the nerfs given to warrior. The movement speed was never slow as well given that you can double tap using one attack while Battle rage is on, then run at blazing speeds just like the description.

      This is the reason why most players who aren't new to the game never consider a warrior with low ASPD. There's also barely even a time from where you went level 70 into getting CL 300 because it's like really, really fast to gain the first few CL's.

      You are correct that training tool is the run or go to map for checks but I also checked it already. It's a DPS drop. It's 500% damage let's say per hit and completes in 2 seconds and when you use battle rage plus frenzy in addition to your haste base attribute with items, then you'll end up with average around 6/7/8 hits per second and the 2 seconds for BF then gets totally outscaled. So there you go. This also includes the fact that BF isn't AOE while you have the option of rending when you don't trigger it. Cheers!
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        Originally posted by Un_known333 View Post
        The only thing blade furry is good for is boss fights
        If you time it right the only thing it's good for is a teleport between mobs imo..
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