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Trials - Summoning Boss

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    Trials - Summoning Boss


    I apologize if this has been discussed already.

    I've noticed that my completion time in Trials levels can vary greatly - this depends on the type of mobs that get randomly generated in each trail level.

    In levels where there are fewer elite monsters, I struggle to finish a higher level trail within the time limit.
    When levels generate with a higher number of elite creatures, the "boss summon" meter fills up quicker and I have more time at the end to complete the level.

    For example: my record to complete trial level 97 is 7:54 seconds - there were more elite mobs in this level. Boss was summoned with 4+ minutes remaining leaving plenty of time to complete.
    Bounty Hunter - Level 70
    Champion Level: 796
    Damage: 650,509
    Toughness: 185,538
    Recovery: 61,355
    Synergy Level: 162

    I can play the same trial level, and run out of time before taking out the boss. Those instances, there was a greater number of smaller non-elite mobs to take out.
    - Even in these levels, if I try to round up a few mobs at a time, I still struggle to complete the level within the time limit.

    Another factor that has affected completion time is the number of sister healers, elite and non-elite. Usually, the non-elite ones don't pose much problem, but the elite ones, when 2, especially 3 are together, it takes a significant amount of extra time to take out the group.

    Please can you take a look at this. My personal preference would be to have more elite monsters and a "reasonable" number of sister healers in a trial level. I have even gone through some trial levels where I did not encounter any sister healers at all.

    Thank you!
    Zecena - Level 70 Bounty Hunter - Stalker Set
    Champion Level: 1005
    Damage: 986,792
    Toughness: 332,216
    Recovery: 59,285
    Trial Level Completed: 114 - 9:54

    Last Updated: June 19, 2019

    Welcome to RNG and the map grind.
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    ANB #2- Mage Rank 1..... T116 in 9:54

    Live LB- Mage Rank 3..... T122 in 9:05.
    Live LB- XP Mage ........... T112 in 7:55/ T100 in 3:25.

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      Yep. Ever since I tried a little to push for some trial levels, there will always be a wall for each of us based on CL and equips plus skill cap. One big thing outside though is map RNG. You either be lucky or not and repeat it again and again which is why PC is the choice for trial pushing. Loading takes a while for mobile and reloading for good RNG will surely take much time.
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