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Suggestion to start Gemstone Exchange system

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  • Suggestion to start Gemstone Exchange system

    Suggestion to start Gemstone Exchange system
    Armor Gemstone no use too much。

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    If I want to make a great piece of jewelry, it's always missing one or two.


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      Open exchange,the gems are too uneven,there are many, but some are rare.


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        It would be cool to see just how MUCH more valuable Topazes and Amethysts are on an exchange market.
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          I don't think an exchange would work all that well, if at all. Topaz and Amethyst would almost surely not even be available, precisely because those are the ones everyone needs. Diamond is nearly useless. Rubies and Sapphires have some value at lower CL's, and for socketing. Topaz and Amethyst are as close to priceless, for the purposes of this game, as it gets. The only thing I can think i'd personally take for either of those is gems, which are actual currency. Probably start the bidding at 75, since that's a 200% booster and I could recoup my loss after that.
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            The fact that Diamonds are "nearly useless" begs for a solution.

            - eliminate them
            - allow exchange of some kind (in game with NPCs, not player to player)
            - make them useful somehow

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              It's not a person to person exchange.Is a person-to-npc exchange