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    One thing I always loved about the Elder Scroll series was the customizable spell. You can make a simple fireball that jumps, explodes, poisons, and stuns and basically do anything you want. Of course the cost being higher mana per cast. Wouldn't it be great if Eternium offers this customization for one special utility spell.

    How it might work: Very rough, not polished at all, be forewarned.

    Special Skill: Soul Calibur (Warrior), Spirit of Gunslinger (BH), Elemental Vortex (mage)

    Names generic enough for any effect to be reasonable.

    Level 1: +20% Vitality for 5 seconds. More HP, every class can use. That's just the starting point.

    Now each time a player research this skill, there is a list of effects that can be added to this skill.

    For example:

    +20% for various capped/diminishing return stats like CR, AR, Vit, (hey someone might want 200% Vit buff), Dodge, Parry, Block
    +2 second buff duration
    +20% to Damage Reflect stat
    +5% for various uncapped stat like Power/Haste
    -5% damage received

    Direct Damage:
    Single Target 2500%
    AOE Line (like Snipe) 400%
    AOE Ball (like fireball) 400%
    AOE Circular (like flame wave around the player) 400%

    Single Target 2500% over 5 seconds (max stack based on how many times this effect is chosen)
    AOE Line 400% over 5 seconds
    AOE Ball 400% over 5 seconds
    AOE Circular 400% over 5 seconds

    Stun Target
    Knockback Target
    Crit Chance + 20%
    Double AOE


    This allows one to make their own skill. If you make a mistake? Too bad, time to delete the char and make another 70 toon. At least this isn't all that costly (4hrs or less playtime?). Another gem sink and allow the players' imagination to run wild.

    Skill Forge: So now you have max'd out the research on this "personal" skill. What else one can do to further enhance it?
    1. Pay Gem to de-Level the skill. Like 50 gem per level so if making a new toon is too cumbersome, here is another gem sink.
    2. Skill enhancement: sacrifice up to three legendary set item to improve the skill in a random fashion by 1-3%. What do I mean by that? Let's say your custom skill is a 3200% fireball with double AOE and +20% vitality for 5secs. When you sacrifice three legendary set items, either you will get 3% boost to that 3200% fireball or 3% boost to 20% vitality. Specials will never be enhanced. Skill can be enhanced for upto 20 times total. so that 3200% fireball can eventually be 5120% if all enhancements are on the damage element of the skill
    3. Pay Gem to erase skill enhancement. Well that RNG didn't work to your favor, let's pay 20 gem to wash that enchantment away and try again!

    That finally gives some use to all the random legendary set pieces one gets and ANOTHER gem sink.
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