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A new mob combat mechanic

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    A new mob combat mechanic

    I'm not 100% sure if this isn't already in the game. But in case it isn't, here is an interesting combat mechanic that I think the mobs should have and will generate more strategic depth/choice in fights.

    Necroplasm throwing undead.

    I notice a lot of barrel/flask tossing mob types in the game. Generally they toss those things in the direction of the player. It does some kind of AOE damage. If we re-imagine those barrels/flasks as necroplasm containers that do the following:

    If hitting the player -> it does the normal AOE damage + direct damage.

    If player avoids the direct hit but stays within the AOE -> player takes the AOE damage, other mobs within the AOE get HEALED by 5x the AOE damage

    If avoided by the player, meaning the player is outside of its AOE -> player takes NO damage, but other mobs within the AOE gets HEALED by 15X the AOE damage.

    So necroplasm is damaging to the player but curative towards the mobs, a different spin on the current healer situation. It now introduces a choice, take the hit or avoid the hit and face heal'd up mobs.

    In fact why stop at just healing, other buffs can be introduced such as 15% faster attack speed for mobs within the AOE etc. All of which can be avoided if the player just stands there and take the necroplasm like a man.

    Yes I'm trying to introduce kiting penalties into the game. This is a sneaky way of closing (some of) the platform gap between mobile and pc since mobile can't match PC's precise movement control. And it's logical in a high fantasy setting sort of sense.

    This isn't a nerf to PC. Rather this introduces trade offs, making the decision to avoid incoming damage not as black and white as before. And only when facing those necroplasm or "engine oil" tossing mobs (type depending of course). Any increased gameplay complexity that doesn't increase interface complexity is a plus IMHO.
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