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Entering town: Disappointment. Population: at least 1.

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  • Entering town: Disappointment. Population: at least 1.

    Hi everybody, it's been a while...

    Unfortunately, I was so eager to play Act4 that I let both my phone and PC update automatically (didn't play the beta at all).

    The new Act4 is great, definitely a welcome addition. However, the town being a huge disappointment does not let me enjoy the new content.
    My main gripe has always been having to repeat unnecessary clicks/taps to get something, with the biggest issue being jewelry crafting: no other game that I have played requires you to do 6k-10k taps outside of actual gameplay (monster slaying) just for supporting tasks. And not only this was not addressed, but they seem to have added a barrage of extra, unnecessary steps (unnecessary because in the previous version you could achieve the same results with less actions) for the most basic functions. Hell, I even stopped doing the dailies, just one character.
    Does the town itself serve a purpose, other than looking nicer than a menu? Because in essence, it's just an extra menu that turns everything else into sub-menus.

    I mean (on PC) I press "Escape" and it doesn't give me the option to leave game? I get inventory instead? Name one (1) game where pressing Escape does not either close the game or prompt you before closing the game. Why the need to reinvent the wheel?

    Honorary mention: holy clutter HUD. I remember when I suggested adding the TL# somewhere on the screen when running Trials and people said that adding a "TL95" inside the progress bar of the trial would be "too much clutter". But, hey, at least now we got more and bigger buttons and legends/titles for potions etc. GG.

    These are probably non-issues for new players, but I have been playing the game for a while now and I am seriously considering letting 2200 champion levels die because I have neither the time or will for a massive retraining.
    I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.

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    I just wrote a post about all this. I think I'm done with the game, actually. The "hometown" menu system and all the confusion is just too much for me, with not enough payoff. Does anyone want some fairly high level (CL 993) characters? I have one of each class.


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      Yeah the town is useless without any multipayer options, and its not like its gonna come anytime soon so they should have waited till its ready first. Just add Act 4 with the old UI , theres no need to make it clumbersome for no apparent reason.
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        I’m not happy either with the clicks each person thing. But, the extra storage space is nice.
        Since I couldn’t get into any games with other players, I’ve been playing alone. I’m I’m 270-280 something and feel I’ve not really known the game at all.
        When doing trials my only strategy besides changing up my passive and active skills is to “hit n rub” against the bosses.
        Min doing new act 4 n just passed normal lvl but, can’t find the Ruins of the Dead.
        Anyway my other mage just passed 70 n she couldn’t beat the last boss. All the good Arcaine gear is on Noni. Luv is a poor step child.
        Anyone -plz send a note where Ruins is I’d appreciate it.


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          Ruins are in act 1 the second place you can go don't feel bad I did the exact same thing happy grinding!


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            I really liked the game until this bad update, what's the point of this town, this is a mobile game u want to be able to do things with less clicking fuss, why Change the game to this crap ? I really can't understand this change. Before u had 1 menu there u could try gear sell gear upgrade make stuff now to this endless bs, please change it back or you gonna lose alot of players..


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              Same here. I was pretty dissapointed about the hometown.
              In a nutshell it is what you have already said:

              Now we have do do more clicks (touches) to get further in the progress. Before that we had a pretty nice menue to reach everything very fast.

              ...But it looks pretty nice though.
              I suggest to bring the menu back and add new content to the hometown that gives players like me that play this game for over a year now something new and exciting.

              Act 4 is nice though. But the hometown isn't.

              I was also hoping for the character boosts and changes. My www is still stuck at 100. Can't beat 101 with whirlwind on my warrior. So like this I didn't play the game for months.
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