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    Crafting stash

    As one who likes organization i would suggest a way to organize craft materials permanently. It seems i can organize it when i have all the mats but when i run out of a couple my order in the stash gets haywire. Just a quality of life thing and probably wont be adressed but just wanted to voice it.

    Don't think it's even possible to implement, ie. new items will simply go into the first available slot, and only stack if an existing stack exist. Assigning potential item to a particular slot, I have no idea, and haven't encountered such implementation anywhere before.

    But yeah, I keep my stashes ordered too, only way is to ensure that you keep at least one - unless the dev add this feature.
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      Sounds like a good idea. Would love to have this implemented. That way, at least all our materials would be in order.
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        Strictly speaking, I'm not sure this is even necessary.

        It's annoying for sure, to keep losing whatever organization you might try for, but the crafting interface knows what you have and don't have, and whether you can make what you need. So I've just settled on not bothering with the crafting stash. I know it will bother me seeing stuff wedged in where ever. As long as crafting itself works, which it did, I'm good with that.
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          Ya its not a big deal i was just hoping.....


            Someone post a proposed layout a while back. It included lesser to greater columns; similar materials together and the rare "eyes" at the bottom "Crafting Resources"? I use that format with a few modifications. I always try to keep at least one of everything that drops so that the sheet looks standard. (Silver dust has to be created from silver ore.)

            Ultimately, it doesn't matter much, since I don't memorize a recipe and then check to see if I have enough. I just let the Craft program tell me what I need...


              How do you post here?!??! lol I can't figure it out - wanted to do a post on fixing some stuff in crafting. When you craft elements, it offers to break down the very same element you are trying to craft as a source of raw materials!! Worse, it's very expensve - I wasn't looking and blew 100k turning 10 Greater Water Elements into 100 regular ones and back again, in only noticed when I ran out of cash doh!! So they need to fix it so it doesn't let you do that anymore. Also, where do you get water elements?!?! I need 1000, and they are coming in about 10 - 20 per map, plus one or two regular elements. That's AFTER breaking down all the gear loot.

              Hopefully higher levels will bring more legendary and set items to salvage. Almost there, planet 2 on legendary B-)

              ps the materials chest is a godsend, but I agree that if it can already hold every material (I have 6 mt slots that seem unlikely to ever fill), then why not organize them for you? Butof course the easiest way to affect this is to always keep one of everything. So when I craft, I don't do it until I have at least one more of everything that I need. That way I can glance in my materials anytime and see right away what I have and need. I had 4000 or so of every lesser element at one point, I'd mever looked at the crafting tools weren't showing it available (maybe because I didn't have the cash to convert them?). I had to go into materials and select each individual element to craft from the huge backlog. But it cost a fortune and got me about 40 of each greater element, enough to make a couple of legendary set items. I bought a crate and got like maybe 2 greater elements put together out of it - for 200 gems.

              I still like the game, I'll grind for it. But still seems a bit slow - isn't there a good spot for each essence to farm?

              Also, this is maybe another post, but why have these stupid chests with lame items in them on the path priced so high??!! If they were priced in single digits and teens, people would gobble them up all the time, if only for the loot. Set items in special chests can be priced in the 60 - 130 range that seems to be the norm now, then those would be framed properly in the game setting, as they are genuinely attractive items that might be worth dropping gems on. But the chests now are such blatant wastes of resources, why are they even in the game like that? Data mining for gullible consumer habits? You can get the same item dropped from the monster guarding these overpriced chests, there is no gameplay value to them whatsoever, and I don't see why the developers would, either. I bet if they were 1/10 the price, excepting set items, more gems would be spent overall on those chests - I know I spent a considerable amount of time going through one of the smaller maps with two chests until I found a couple of decent hailstorms - I built one that wasn't as good!! But gonna keep trying, built it early on with low skills I am hoping it gets way better next one.

              Final final note - if items, gems and gold etc are available across heroes, why aren't at least the inventory space I bought, if not the attack and abilities slots. I bought a full inventory and full weapons lots and two of three upgrade slots - total upwards of 2000 gems, now I have to do that for all new heroes?!?!??! AFTER paying first 100 gems, now 500 gems for a new hero slot. So my 4th hero will be 2500 gems just to get the same ability and inventory slots my main hero has - that's a little warped maybe.

              K, hope this is in the right place - I see they approve everything, so hopefully they take note?

              Digging this game!!!
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