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New Set- The Enchantment Set

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  • New Set- The Enchantment Set

    Given the new crafting system, which I've really enjoyed and I think will be a big winner when it gets released in all platforms, i wanted to make an Arionthe style game proposal.

    It would involve 2 parts : 1) a new gear set that is call the Enchantment Set and 2) a regimen of enchantments specifically for the Enchantment set.

    The set bonuses are simple : 2 piece grants 1 enchantment based ability, 4 piece a 2nd enchantment based ability, and 6 piece the 3rd enchantment based ability.

    This is where the details get somewhat murkier. But the enchantments could be things like Snipe Proc for BH, or Immolate Proc from App6, bubble shield, various attribute bonuses, etc.

    Further, to prevent certain offensive combinations from becoming too OP, you could put restrictions on the enchantment combinations. For instance, you could require 1 attribute enchantment, 1 defensive enchantment and 1 offensive enchantment. Or, you could make certain enchantment combinations invalid, like can't have Snipe Proc with Immolate. You could also make certain enchantments hero specific.

    This sort of setup would give long term players something to strive for and also provide a level of creativity to users trying to optimize their hero for trial pushing, or just coming up with wild combinations for the fun of it. Further, if combinations don't work out, the player could simply grind for a new one to work on. The possibilities here seem pretty expansive. Hopefully you'll consider it.
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    I like it. Allowing players to craft their own customized proc based set. One way to limit overpowered enchantment is to assign scores to each enchantment. Crafting mastery caps the max score budget a set can have. Sorta a cleaner way to do the customized skill craft that I put forth before.

    For example a shield bubble based on attack is far more useful than one based on block. So even though the effect is the same, the trigger difference means the App2 bubble has a higher score than Encrypted Shield bubble. That will force trade offs. We can look at the current set bonuses and workout the relative scores in order to balance the effects.

    One idea, collecting/wearing a complete set is more time consuming/commitment. So the 2piece bonus has a lower budget compared to 4piece and 6piece. A way to force that could be: Max budget is based on craft mastery level (50 being the cap). 2 piece has a budget allotment of 12, 4piece has 16, 6piece has 22. Progressively more powerful.. also allowing a newbie crafter to start working on that 2piece then the 4th piece when the player gets better etc....

    Needless to say, you can craft an enchantment that is less than the allowed budget for that level.. for example a 10 score enchantment for the 2 piece, 14 score for 6 piece.
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