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Early-game tome crafting is far too expensive

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  • Early-game tome crafting is far too expensive

    Crafting is fairly useful early on, and I've been using it often to keep my gear at an up-to-date level and optimized to have the stats I want. Usually, it's reasonably priced, but there's one exception: Tomes. In particular, their usage of Silver Ornaments.

    At my level, a rare tome costs 10 ornaments to craft (an uncommon costs 7, an epic costs 27 and a legendary costs 101), which is already much more than what's needed of any other resource, except for essences (to compare, probably the next-rarest item needed is cured leather, which needs just 2 and is still in far greater supply). Problem is, ornaments are extremely difficult to get.

    First off, they never drop from salvaging items. Second, the drop rate in the world is incredibly low; you can only reasonably get them from locked gem chests, which occasionally have 1, but even if you open every single gem chest you come across you won't end up with a decent supply. Third, they cost 1,000 gold each to craft.

    That means that a tome that you'll need to replace in a few levels anyway costs nearly 11k gold to craft if you don't already have the ornaments (which you don't, end of story) - which can be the great majority of what you actually have at that level at all, if you tend to spend gold fairly often. It doesn't seem to bring anything more useful than any other item to the table either.

    Shields are the only other non-unique/set item in the game to use those in crafting, and even then they cost less (4/6/16/61).

    Crafting tomes is just not worthwhile at all. At the very least, I'd like their cost to be reduced to be equal to that of shields. Optimally, ornaments would be entirely removed from both recipes and replaced with a more common resource; they could still be used in crafting resources for set and unique items. Alternatively, their drop rate could just be massively increased.

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    Hum... Not having worked on tomes I hadn't noticed the huge price difference. Shields and tomes being "different" I think does justify use of a different material AND the different enchantmrnt.

    But I already had the concern of them not getting an attack proc (100AR and stuff is nice but...)

    So one does have wonder WHY
    Why so expensive AND you can't rune of the storm them
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