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Change Proc to something haste indpendent

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  • Change Proc to something haste indpendent

    I believe this is actually on the game development roadmap. Procs moving to some kind of proc per minute system.

    So here is my stab at what such a system might look like.

    X% chance proc triggers per Y seconds.

    There is a base %chance to proc. A stat that can modify this base %. Perhaps the base % chance is 25% with a stat that can ultimately increase this to 100% or 400% of base chance.

    There is also a base Y seconds. Another stat that can modify this base Y. Let's say the base Y is 10 seconds. The stat can improve this 500% or reduce it to 2seconds after heavy investment.

    So if one max out both stats, you get 100% chance to proc every 2 seconds.

    The base % and base Y should be different for each proc. Some heavy hitting proc should have lower X and longer Y to account for that. The converse is also true.

    Now we have two new stats that can be interesting choices for players to make their builds.

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    Upon further review, I think a single stat that improves the proc trigger chance/frequency is the best way to go. No need to clutter with unnecessary stats. If someone is going to focus on proc, then they will max out every stat that enhances the proc.

    Tying back to the 3A model. Here are the stats influencing procs and their effects.

    Proc Power: Act like Power for normal attacks but at a higher scaling %. I think 2X Power scaling would be a good start

    Proc Trigger Rating: A single stat that governs the increase in proc trigger chance and shorten the cooldown time between successive triggers. It's a rating that converts %. For example if the base proc trigger chance is 25% and every 10 secs.

    So each rating point is worth 2.5% enhancement. At 1000 stats, that's 400% increase. This means that 25% trigger chance becomes 100% (higher than 100% has no effect). 10secs cooldown window also gets reduced to 10/4 = 2.5 secs. Increase beyond 1000 stats will applies accordingly. At 1250, the trigger chance stays at 100%, but the cooldown window is now 10/5=2secs.

    Or if the base trigger % for a heavy hitting proc is 10% every 15 secs. Then at 1000 stat, you have 40% trigger every 3.75 secs. At 1500 stat, you have 60% trigger every 2.5 secs. etc

    Proc Split Rating: a stat that governs the chance for a proc to split itself into multiple copies. At 500, there is 25% chance to create a duplicate copy capped at 3 copies (meaning if you hit the 25% chance on the proc trigger, then your duplicate proc also gets a 25% chance to create its own duplicate, but the total copies are capped at 3 for any normal proc trigger), at 1000, there is 40% chance to create duplicates, capped at 5. At 1500, 50% chance for duplicates capped at 7 etc.

    Notice there is no critical damage for proc.

    For normal attack model, I think Power, Haste, and Critical Rating (a single stat that governs both the critical chance % and the critical damage multiplier) would be good enough

    For skill model, Ability Power, Ability Rating, and "Ability Fancy stat" will do. Power and Rating is self explanatory. Ability Fancy stat gives skill damage model something unique to set it apart from normal attacks and proc damage.

    If it's upto me, I would do this:

    Ability Resonance Rating: Magical energies from the skills start to resonate with the background energies and amplifying their terrifying effects. A rating that converts into a % to receive amplified effect. Amplification comes in multiple shapes. Like 2x the effected area, 2x damage, 2x bleed (if there is bleed effect), vortex effect. A high rating can potentially infuse the skill with multiple effects to create truly spectacular spectacles. How do you like your blizzard skill that is infused with the vortex effect to SUCK in more hapless victims for 2X the damage etc.


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      This works different, Ithink.