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What if Boss/Mob had more variability in ability & stat rates?

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  • What if Boss/Mob had more variability in ability & stat rates?

    By that I mean what if the mobs we faced variability in the trials where each individual members mob had base stats based on trial levels plus variable pool to allocate to resource range affecting their HP, Dam, AS, AR, Cooldown, etc. I realize some of that today with the Elite Skeleton knights and Summoners, but I'm thinking within that group of Summoners for example, each individual may be more tanky, more glass cannon, faster (more) spamming of meteors and flame wheels. What if they had more variability in the speed (delay between indicator and attack) of their special attack?

    For Boss, what if Kara at TL100 sometimes hits like Kara of TL100 and the next hits like Kara TL90 but spawns minions like TL110? Or pops the flying sword like TL110, or hits like TL110 but spawns minions like TL90? Or she hits like kara of TL90 but with Garm butt.

    Maybe 95/105 but you get the point hopefully. And just to insure we don't get RND weakie, whatever pool of stats we give variability have to add back up to basically a weighted zero (i.e glass cannon type thing)
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