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    Could it be free to unsocket items on an event character after the event ends? It just feels kind of lame to have to pay a couple thousand gold to remove gems from items that are going to disappear. I can't imagine what it would feel like if you didn't have the money left over to remove them.

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    I sell EG gear from stash or do daily quest with main char and sell 5-15 gems with event hero without any painful thoughts.
    ​​​​​Sometimes in the end of event skill improving takes the last gold and remind me I did stupid thing
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      There is no need to unsocket items.
      I just tested before ending the event by leaving some Roughs inside: Celestials, eph-legendarys (jewelry), eph-epics and just normal legendarys I found during the event.

      Not one gemstone was lost, they all were sent via mail to my account or stayed inside the items.
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