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Content Update and ANB Awesomeness

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  • Content Update and ANB Awesomeness

    I wanted to mention (again) how awesome of a job the Eternium Team is doing with their content updates and ANB balancing. I'm a (formerly hardcore) veteran gamer and this team is one of the best I've ever seen in any game at producing balanced, quality, new content, especially with limited financial resources! (Compared to big companies like Blizzard) I'm going to highlight a few of my favorites:

    - New Sets / Items / Abilities - I've only played the Mage, but it's been a blast! I love the power creep and getting a chance to use some new abilities.

    - Defensive Buffs and Boss Nerfs - These have felt really balanced and have made the game more enjoyable. I play on mobile with a slowish phone and fat fingers and I felt like I simply couldn't dodge projectiles effectively or maneuver around bosses well enough. This was frustrating, and especially so when I would look on the leaderboards and people doing trials 20 or 30 higher than me would have much less defense and recovery, presumably because they are on a PC (or are mobile gaming gods).

    - Ability Global Cooldowns - Nailed it again. Another mobile-friendly benefit. Although, having Blink on the global cooldown seems wrong to me when I'm playing. It's supposed to allow me to maneuver around and it feels like doesn't allow me to do that. But I'm not really complaining.

    - ANB epic items and overall rewards - This feels like a solid balanced approach that allows people to collect their sets more easily, which reducing luck and random chance in the event, which I found pretty nice! I was quite happy with the reward structure overall.

    - ANB Celestials - These are soooo fun to hunt. I think these are the main reason I do the ANB. It's super exciting and rewarding to work hard on a timer and eventually get to that juicy piece of gear.

    - ANB Medals - These are still cool, fun to chase after and balanced, but they feel a little bit hard to obtain. It feels like either rewarding a percentage of the player base instead of a static number, or making these more accessible would be cool. I haven't gotten any this event (although that's largely due to not having enough time to play the full event timer), but I feel like giving people that are slightly lower down a shot at a medal would be cool... Giving 1 of the lesser medals to more people seems pretty reasonable anyways.

    - EXTRA WEEKEND - WOOO!! This was probably the best part. As a working dad having that extra time to play was huge. I hope you keep doing this moving forward!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    Mainly Mobile, Mainly Mage
    Teran - CL2000