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ANB Event Idea - Event Specific Features

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    ANB Event Idea - Event Specific Features

    This most recent ANB event is the most balanced and fun yet. As the events are improved more and more as far as progression, rewards, event time etc. goes, I am thinking towards the future. One thing that is eventually going to happen is the events are eventually going to feel more and more similar to each other, which could lead to boredom for some players. To combat this, it would be cool to add a special feature to each event to keep them fresh and interesting. Some basic ideas:

    1) Buff or debuff certain abilities to make other abilities more attractive
    2) Buff/Debuff/Add Rewards For certain pieces of gear or sets to encourage players to use those
    3) Buff or debuff certain stats

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    This recommendation sort of reminds me of the Diablo 3 seasonal buffs. I actually haven't played with those yet (I'm too busy playing Eternium =D), but they seem like a cool idea.
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    Maybe these could be for those who have reached certain level, previously or have certain awards.

    There are a significant number of folks who are just trying to slog through for the next ticket and don't have the time to learn and experiment with different buffs or nerfs.