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  • Hardcore Mode

    Hardcore mode is quite simple, you die, that character is forever lost.

    However because of the nature of death being inevitable quite a few unique changes are made to the hardcore mode.

    Ability upgrades slots, bank and inventory storage, hero follower unlocks and any other 'Gem' unlockable is shared between all of your hardcore characters. Skills and abilities are not apart of such exception.

    Gold is bound to your hardcore characters and sharable between them. 'Gems' are global meaning they're shared between both classic and hardcore characters.

    Experience rate is normal rate till 70 or max level whichever is greater. Once you hit champion points you start to have a base experience boost of 2x experience.

    Gold is earned at 3x the rate once you reach max level because farming will be less tedious and there will be more smaller micro-upgrades available sooner.

    There will also be a new NPC in town who will offer you the option to buy life's... Capped at 3 life's per character, at a going rate of 100 Gem, 500 Gems and 1000 Gems. The idea isn't to make the mode easier or forgiving but it is to compensate for any internet connection lost that results in death.

    In the event of a death, all items, gold, gems, champion levels, blacksmithing levels, gem unlocks will be available for your new hero.

    Under no circumstances will you be allowed to play your hardcore character offline, the hardcore ladder will be much more competitive in nature.

    The option of buying gold, experience and gem boosters will be available, however blacksmithing crates will not be allowed in hardcore mode as they in the long run dictate the ladder moreso.

    The boss Gorg on the island of act 1, is a safe event in hardcore, dying results no in loss, and will be simply seen as an event you can do daily/weekly.

    All hero's get a slight defensive ​​​​passive boost in hardcore... Namely warrior. Mage and Bounty Hunter will have 15-20% of the Warriors boost.

    Celestial items will not be given to hardcore players through the 'New beginning event' it will be given to classic heroes. However upon a hardcore character completing trial 25, 50, 75, 100...a celestial box will be rewarded... Every 25 trial levels...exception is the boxes can only be used for that hero, in the event of death celestial items are lost.

    To complete a set of celestial on a hardcore hero, once you reach trial 100, you have the option of resetting your trial levels to 1, allowing for you to recieve boxes again... However with each reset the trial difficulty increases... Example: on a first reset trial 10 would feel like trial 15.

    So, yes you could potentially reset at 100 trial level and quickly get more boxes redoing the trial levels or may be you hold off on resetting and go for trial 125 or even 150 before resetting, knowing that each time you reset they get harder or maybe its just better to push higher before you do.





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    Cool idea. Being able to play offline would be great, since the major problem with hardcore is that you hit a lag Spike and die. Not sure hardcore really fits into eternium tho... but it could be cool I suppose.


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      The idea for it being online is

      If you play offline and die, you just delete the game and the games data and redownload your character from the cloud, meaning you'd still be alive. Which is why you can only play online


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        I'm sure they can code a way around that anyways, right? I've had so many traumatizing experiences with online hardcore I'll never do it again