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  • Make Basic Attacks a Selection

    I've been messing around a little trying to see if different combinations of skills and base attacks work better. The one thing I always have trouble with is the single finger vs. the double finger tap for basic attacks, it makes it hard sometimes to really perform a good comparison.

    Would it be possible for, mobile players, to be able to select the type of attack we want during levels. So instead of single finger or double finger, we can tap on the attack type we want on the left, and just play through a level normally? So when we select the basic attack we want, it is highlighted and we just use a single finger tap at all times. See attached pics.

    Hopefully this make sense.
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    Your suggestion has to be selectable on its own.
    I switch between single and double-finger attacks very often, leaving no time to select the attack type without risk of dying.
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      (Hence, one-finger or two-fingers. :-)

      Now, if we were all piano players and there were an additional 3, 4, and 5 finger combinations, that might help.

      Since this is a single participant game, we must do everything, as opposed to team games where some of our "extra fingers gestures" would be controlled by other minds.


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        You could swap attack abilities before the level so you can have the one you want to use always set to the single finger. I do agree the double finger gesture is awkward. It is more forgiving than it looks, you don't need to tap right on enemies to make it work most of the time
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