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Dream Primer - open letter

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    Dream Primer - open letter

    Dear Dream Primer,

    please improve quantity and quality of communication with your dedicated playerbase.
    Don't be invisible.
    Don't be silent.
    Don't be absent!

    I am sure you are still loving your game and Eternium is an affair of the heart for you.
    You created a really good game and I wholeheartedly wish you can make a good living from it.

    A core of dedicated players active in this forum and in Discord becomes more and more frustrated.
    I believe you are dedicated players yourself, but you are loosing the connection to this important group of people.
    Their experience and knowledge of the game helps to keep new players connected to Eternium, and connected players may acquire more players.

    Please don't take this easy.
    Improve your quantity and quality of communication as a first step.
    Keep improving Eternium, including a fair game and equality of opportunity within the boundary of a freemium game.

    Cu stimă

    Transmitting this message to the people in charge appreciated.
    Action-RPG-History: Diablo, Diablo2, Diablo3 ... Eternium

    Silver2: #33 Mage (Nancy) TL129
    Gold2: #20 Mage (Nancy) TL131
    Bronze3: #1 BH (Nancy) TL143
    Season1: #7 Warrior (Dekay) TL153

    As per my knowledge they have always been very much in touch with players at discord. It's last few months we haven't heard much from them. I believe it has something to do with porting the game to Unreal as it seems to be their priority. I just hope it's a temporary phase which ends before the patience of loyal player base runs out