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    Juggernaut Set

    Suggestion to make Juggernaut set good at something instead of being overshadowed in everything by the warlord set.

    Warlord set wins hands down at bleed/shockwave build.
    Warlord set also wins at direct damage build: Cleaver's butchery buff due to whirlwind proc. This saves a skill slot as well as far better uptime of the butchery buff (WW 4sec animation represents a major dps loss).

    Here is my suggestion to make Juggernaut the goto set for direct damage.

    Jugg 2 bonus: Frenzy CR bonus is overpowering at first but steadily loses its effectiveness. Eventually it's negligible (roughly 1.5% higher Critical chance).

    Replace this frenzy CR bonus with Defender 2 bonus: Casting of charge, BR, leap grants 4 charges of fortress of steel.

    Juggernaut isn't all about offense. It's also about being impervious to damage. This fortress of steal buff fits the theme quite well.

    Jugg 4 bonus: same as it is currently.

    Jugg 6 bonus: Here is the biggie. Jugg set is designed to work with bladestorm. The cleaver bonus is massive, although after doing some calculation, it's still nowhere near the bleed potential. So here is the bonus to change all that (and why jugg 2 needs to have the FoS buff).

    Whenever a Fortress of Steel charge is consumed, Butchery buff is extended by 2 seconds, max 20 seconds, and Butchery effect is increased by 100% to a max of 3000%.

    So the player needs an initial WW to start the butchery buff. But after that, FoS charges can keep the butchery buff up, no need to lose DPS with WW. The damage will primarily come from normal attacks. Cleave for mobbing and frenzy for bossing.

    Here is some rough numbers to show that this isn't too powerful compared to current meta.

    40k per hit, 11hits per second using frenzy. Crit multiplier of 10 (1500% CD and 60+% CR). Max Butchery buff of 31x.

    40,000 * 11 * 10 * 31 * 5.8 (frenzy damage multiplier) = 791M DPS. So roughly 1B dps at boss when everything is working. Current highest warrior DPS is around 1.7B-2B. That makes direct damage competitive but not overwhelming.

    Of course the max 3000% is subject to calibration. I think 2500% is probably good enough. Current butchery buff is supposed to be 1200%.