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Suggestions: 1) Add "Daily Videos Watched #" counter 2) Document suggested & planned enhancements

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    Sounds like something else that might flash until "complete". Perhaps for those with adverts turned off it could show a count of adverts not watched. And not flash.

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  • Suggestions: 1) Add "Daily Videos Watched #" counter 2) Document suggested & planned enhancements

    I almost hate to submit a suggestion when I know the Devs are so busy with cleaning up after the ANB, but I haven't seen this proposed so far, so thought I would toss it out there:

    How about adding a "Daily Ad Box Videos Watched #) counter. I would suggest adding it to the top of the Gear/Abilities/Team window next to the rewards icon. It could be a small icon box and would never need to show more than 50. I really like to know how close I am to finishing watching the 50 daily videos for the maximum 250 gems. Especially with all the current problems with the ad boxes, it is hard to know when you are almost done with them for the day. Before I start to run trials, I prefer to do the daily quests, and then run through story mode farming gold and gems until I am done with the 50 videos. I hate the distraction and lost time of videos when pushing higher level trials (although not as bad if farming lower levels for experience), and usually turn off the ad boxes for trial pushes.

    This of course isn't the highest level priority with everything else on the Dev's plate, but to me it would be very nice to have.

    While I'm at it, it would be really nice if there were lists of "suggested" and "planned" enhancements posted somewhere. That way we could check to see if an enhancement we have in mind has already been suggested. Could be one list with check to note planned. "Planned" could be named "accepted" or some other word if they don't have an idea of the schedule - just to show that it is on the list for eventual implementation. It could also provide a summary of stats for the Likes of certain suggestions so that the Devs see real numbers for what ideas are most popular with the user base.