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    Quick note on plot line:
    The protagonist is a twice orphaned child. The foster parents are special star force squad members that are trained to explore the newly descended portal dimensions or higher dimensions accessed through portals. They went MIA 5 yrs ago. So part of the main quest line is about finding out what happened to them and/or rescue them. Beyond that, the true reality behind this world and why the protagonist is special will be the final overarching plotline.

    Screw it, I’m just going to call this Force Powers. Let Disney sue me haha.

    Force Power Realms:

    Force Powers come in 5 different realms. Destruction, Martial, Defensive, Utility, and finally the very special Healing realm.

    Destruction: Nukes, ranged or not, magnificent displays of what concentrated doses of force power can accomplish. Damage focused. Closest to resembling magic spells. Singularity, Blizzard, DfA are prime examples.

    Martial: Offensive force powers that require a conduit to channel their effects. The conduits can be hands, martial weapons, or even ranged weapon like bows and arrows. They imbue the conduits with varied effects that generally disable, maim, and do nasty things to nasties. BR, Charge, WW, Devastate, Rapid Fire are examples.

    Defensive: Force powers that grant the users some elements of protection. It could be stoneskin (damage reduction), blurr (% damage avoidance), elemental shields (% elemental damage reduction), mountain form (short term damage immunity), etc Shield block, shout (increase hp pool size), lightning reflex (parry+ for a duration) are all examples of this.

    Utility: Everything that doesn’t fit in the other four realms. The effects can be varied like Lure, creating a nearby image that can draw some fire/attention from nasties. Its effects can eventually become the same as the teleporting power of the lich (creating 2 other copies of oneself and have them do some actual damage) via power tier upgrades. All manners of traps, dimensional door, and anything else that can change the situational advantages during a battle (but not directly related to doing or preventing damage) fall into this.

    Healing: Very special realm, only powers within this realm can heal hp or speed recovery of force power reservoir (mana). This really acts as a force multiplier, allowing the squad (I forsee this game as eventually MP-coop squad based, more social interaction, better specialization) to exponentially increase its staying power. Every top end squad will want a healer.

    Force Power Tiers:
    Force Powers are also tier based, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. All powers can become Diamond Tier provided one can gather enough Force Orbs to upgrade (see below).

    Generally speaking, each tier is subdivided into 10 levels. Ie Bronze 10 upgrades to Silver 1. Upgrades within the tier is simply numerical, meaning the effects get a little stronger. Upgrades across the tier can dramatically change the power itself. I will demonstrate this with the Lure power.

    Power: Lure
    Bronze Tier: creating a stationary target that draws the attention of nearby enemies
    Lv1: Hp 100, duration 3secs, Lv+ +20HP, On Lv 4, 7 and 10, +1sec duration
    Lv10: HP 280, duration 6secs
    Silver Tier: Target follows the movement of the player, keeping the initial distance apart. It attracts attention from a wider area.
    Lv1: 300 HP, 6secs, Lv+ 30HP, On Lv4, 7 and 10, +1sec duration
    Lv10: 570HP, duration 9secs
    Gold Tier: Target is now a mirror image of the player, has a fraction of the stats of the player. It can engage in melee combat.
    Lv1: 30% player stats including HP, 9secs, Lv+5% player stats, On Lv4, 7 and 10, +1sec duration and gain one player specialization(see future post about specialization)
    Lv10: 75% player stats, 12secs duration, 3 player specializations (closest to passives)
    Platinum Tier: Target is now a perfect mirror image of the player. Can use certain force powers the player has (destruction and martial)
    Lv1: 75% player stat, 12sec duration, 3 player specialization, Lv+ 2% player stats, On Lv4, 7 and 10, +1sec duration and gain one player specialization and one force power (from destruction/martial realm)
    Lv10: 93% player stat, 15sec duration, 6 player specialization, 3 force powers (chosen from the highest tiered powers)
    Diamond Tier: Target becomes self-aware, able to initiate combat, force powers can now be from all five realms the player has.
    Lv1: 93%player stat, 15sec duration, 6 player specializations, 3 force powers, Lv+ +10%player HP, +1sec duration. On Lv4, +1 force power, +1 Silver Tier Lure, Lv7, +1 force power, +1 Gold Tier Lure, Lv10, +1 force power, +1 Platinum Tier Lure (yes, you get 1 diamond, 1 platinum, 1 gold, 1 silver lures, your own little army at the maximum force power tier/lv Lower tier lures that are summoned as part of diamond tier lure will have the same duration as the diamond tier lure).

    Constellations/Star Map
    This is the skill tree. Player has choices on which constellation/star map to use for the character. Different star maps have different pluses and minuses with regards to force power. In general, each star map offers high affinity to 1 realms, normal affinity to 3 realms and prohibits force power from one realm. This is the first trade off a player needs to make. Healing is a special realm. There is only one star map that allows healing thus all other star maps/constellations prohibits healing. Since healing is a force multiplier, it has to be further restricted for game balance (lowest power slots).
    I will use placeholder names for different star maps and what character archetype I think the map is most suited for.

    Healer Star Map: 15 power slots
    High Affinity: Healing
    Normal Affinity: Martial, Utility, Defensive
    Prohibited: Destruction

    Frontline Meatshield Star map: 20 power slots
    HA: Defensive
    NA: Martial, Utility, Destruction
    PA: Healing

    Frontline Agile Fighter Star map: 22 power slots
    HA: Martial
    NA: Defensive, Utility, Destruction
    PA: Healing

    Backline Nuker Star map: 30 power slots
    HA: Destruction
    NA: Martial, Utility, Defensive
    PA: Healing

    Backline Ranged/Control Star map: 25 power slots
    HA: Utility
    NA: Destruction, Martial, Defensive
    PA: Healing

    HA, NA and PA.. how do they work.
    When a star map has high affinity for a power realm, this simply means that it allows the use of lesser tiers force orbs to advance a power from that power realm.
    This has no effect for powers below gold tier. (thus allowing most players to try out some versions of the power without too much handicap)
    Normally, to advance a given tier power to its next level, one needs to get a force orb of a similar quality. Bronze 1 to 2 takes 1 bronze power orb. Bronze 2 to 3 takes 2 etc. Bronze 9 to 10 takes 9 bronze orbs. To go up a tier, one needs to have the power already at the lower tier maximum and then 10 more force orbs of the lower tier will advance the power to the next higher tier. Ex Bronze 10 takes 10 bronze orbs to advance to Silver 1.
    Additionally 10 lower tier orb can be combined into 1 higher tier orb. But this advancement regime stops at gold tier for NA. HA can use the same advancement method all the way to Diamond. In fact it is possible to get diamond lv10 using nothing but bronze force orbs. Someone can calculate how many bronze orbs that would be.
    For NA, advancing at Gold tier and up requires getting force orb of that tier or just 1 tier below. This means that for NA, diamond tier is only reachable by absorbing diamond/platinum tier orbs.
    PA doesn’t allow any absorption of any tier orb from the prohibited realm.
    Force orbs are the force essences from the defeated monsters. They correspond to the power and the tier of the monsters themselves. So the teleporting liches will drop lure orb. The quality of the orb depends on the tier of the monster themselves. Diamond tier will drop platinum level orb, Platinum gold, gold silver, silver and bronze will drop bronze (silver has a higher drop %).

    This is enough for this week. Next week will be about Specializations.


      These are the skills and abilities borne of everyday use. Unlike a typical game, there are no character levels. Character progression is handled more holistically and organically.
      Specialization comes in two flavors. Weapon Specialization and Force Specialization. Perhaps weapon specialization is too narrow of a focus and really should be called Item Specialization. But for now I will use WS.

      Weapon Specialization has four subcategories. There is no skill called WS, rather it’s just 4 specializations that make up the WS.
      Melee Specialization: Ability to use melee weapons with increasing proficiency. Only highly trained in this can take full advantage of more exotic melee weapons that can grant awesome weapon specific bonuses. Hand to Hand combat falls into Melee Spec as well.

      Ranged Specialization: Ability to use ranged weapon with increasing proficiency. This includes all manners of bows, blow darts and even throwing weapons.

      Force Weapon Specialization: Ability to use special items that help focus force energy. Think staves, orbs, keys, ornaments. Basically anything that a force wielder might hold that doesn’t look like a real weapon.

      Firearm Specialization: Ability to use guns and modern weapons with increasing proficiency. Shotgun, energy beam weapon, BFG, anything you find in a myriad FPS games.

      WS comes in 5 tiers as well. Basic Proficiency, Trained, Expert, Master and finally Paragon.
      A player starts with all 4 WS at BP. However advancing beyond BP requires certain tradeoffs.
      Think of BP as 1, Trained as 2, Expert as 3, Master as 4, and Paragon as 5. A player can have a max of 10 pts in WS. Since all WS comes standard at BP. That means there is only room for 6 more pts in WS. Which means if a player has 1 WS at Paragon (5), that means at most he can have another WS at 3 (expert). 3+5+2(BP at two other WP). Now this isn’t set in stone, meaning that if one wants to change from melee paragon to ranged paragon, all one has to do is using ranged weapon and play the game. This will earn WS xp in ranged and when it can advance, it will but also reduce the paragon melee to master in order to maintain the 10 max cap. This is done to reflect the fact one can be a jack of all trades but master of none. And never a master of all.

      WS also determine the HP pool size of the player. Someone well trained in melee combat is likely to have a sturdy body vs someone focused on more scholarly pursuits (Force weapon).
      So each advancement in WS tier will add a certain amount of HP. The higher tiers will also offer greater amount of that HP bonus. As an example:
      FWS has lowest HP bonus per tier. Let’s call it X. From BP to T, it grants 1X, from T to E, it grants 1.5X, from E to M, it grants 1.5X, and finally from M to P, it grants 2X. It’s all cumulative so the actually amount will be X+X+1.5X+1.5X+2X = 7X

      Melee Spec has the highest HP bonus per tier, let’s call it 5X. From BP to T, it grants 10X, from T to E, it grants 20X, from E to M, it grants 40X, from M to P, it grants 100X.
      So the total is 5x+10X+20X+40X+100X=175X Far burlier than the “spellcaster”.

      Now this doesn’t stop the FS paragon to get MS to E(3) for the maximum spellcaster HP. Choices are upto the player.
      Ranged and Firearm can be 3X and 2.5X as starting point to reflect how those training tend to affect the physical development of the player. Escalating HP bonus also encourages players to choose a specialization and focus on it.

      Weapons also come with tiers. They require equal or better proficiency to function 100%.
      BFG10k is obviously a Paragon level energy weapon for the Firearm specialization. It has its combat stats and will grant special bonuses that’s its tier and 1 tier below.
      Let’s say it has paragon bonus of: Every 10 shots invokes a Crust Crusher attack, doing 5000% bonus damage and 5X to stationary target. The Master bonus of: Every 20 shots invokes Vaporizer attack, doing 2000% bonus damage. Someone with only master in FS won’t benefit from the paragon bonus. The paragon FS player will benefit from BOTH.
      Now let’s say someone with only BP in FS finds this BFG10K, in that case neither bonus works. In addition, the normal attacks have an exceedingly high chance of not working at all. Think the gun jams and nothing happens as the trigger is pulled. 1 Tier below the weapon tier will see the failure rate of 20%, 2 tier below will be 40%, 3 tier below is 80% and finally 4 tier below is 90%. So that BP in FS player will do 10 normal attacks with BFG10k and only see 1 actual attack being triggered.

      The motto is, yes you can be a lucky son of a *****, but unless you have dedicated to the craft, you ain’t getting the most or even much of anything out of this world ending artifact.

      The Force Specialization is really tied to the star map. Basically as more power slots are filled, the player automatically advance in this tier. This Spec controls the size of the force pool and grants a small amount of force mana recovery (small enough that no one can just constantly throw fireballs without stopping). From the previous post, since the nuke star map has the most force slots, one can guess that players choosing that force map/constellation will have the highest force mana pool. Here the Healing realm player will lose out as they will have the smallest number of force slots. Again, part of the trade off.

      Next post will be on how to acquire force power and control scheme.
      GAQO KITO REZO 1934


        Actually a slight change of plans, this post will illustrate a few combat scenarios.

        I subscribe to the gaming ethos of DOOM franchise, that is to say that the gameplay must be king. Plot, story, background, control scheme and everything else about the game must be in the service of making the best possible gameplay.

        Combat Scenario #1

        A player approaches a flickering light in the distance. Turns out it’s a small bonfire. A menacing shadow towers over the small fire, an abominable snowman. The player scans the surrounding area seeing no other hostiles, prepares to strike.
        Out from the shadow a harpoon screeches through the air. The tip is a mechanical snakehead biting incessantly. Before the snowman can react, the tip bites sharply into the flesh, eliciting a howl of pain then silence. The venom injected through the snakehead has temporarily knocked all senses out of the snowman. “Get Over Here” a hiss could be heard. As the harpoon retracts, dragging the snowman’s limp body through the snowfield, player’s silhouette emerges from the shadow. Pulling back the hood, reveals a skeletal mask. A hellish flame bursts through the gaping maw and envelopes the snowman. Its body quivers uncontrollably and the smell of burning flesh fills the air. Back at the bonefire, a sudden surge of Star Force manifests itself into tall, large earthen spikes facing the player. Surface hardened like weathered rocks and metal, hinting at the unimaginable pain for anything to make unfortunate contact. Player’s left hand (right hand is where the harpoon came from), wrapped in an onyx colored brass knuckle suddenly glows in an unearthly azure light. The bluish tint flickers as the hand makes a soft contact with the snowman. As if launched from a canon, the snowman flies through the air, still burning, and aims squarely at the earthen spikes where the bonfire used to be. BAM, the body shatters, even monsters weren’t meant to take this much punishment so quickly.

        Now let’s breakdown this combat scenario a bit. First acknowledging this is a blatant rip-off of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion character. But what fun it would be if one can play like Scorpion through a mobile ARPG.
        First let’s tally the Force powers used. 1) Snake Harpoon, 2) Hellfire Breath, 3) Earthen Spikes, 4) Azure Touch.

        Snake Harpoon is actually just the gold tier of the basic force power Javelin.
        Javelin: Throws a single Javelin at a target (bronze), Javelin now has a chain attached, will bring the player to the target hooked this way (silver), works like a grappling hook in this fashion, Javelin can now bring the target back to the player while immobilizing the target for a brief moment (poison to nervous system) (gold), Multiple Javelins now shoot towards the target area, potentially bring multiple targets back (only 1 Javelin hit per target) (platinum), Multiple Javelins can strike a single target, injecting greater poison and reduce target’s defense (diamond).
        Hellfire Breath is similarly just the silver tier of the basic force power Burn.

        Burn: sets a single target on fire for a brief time, small DoT (bronze), Fire burns far hotter as if coming directly from hell’s maw, large DoT plus small reduction to target defense (silver), AoE fire that can burn multiple targets (gold), Hellish fire now ignites target(s) blood, burning from inside out, weakening defense (platinum), This fire can no longer be extinguished through normal means, stackable DoT with no duration (diamond).

        Earthen Spikes is just gold tier of the basic force power Dirt Pile.
        Dirt Pile: forms a small dirt pile at the target location to act as a detour for small sized creatures, creatures larger than normal will simply step over it (bronze), form a large earthen mound that can’t be bypassed, good for blocking chokepoints so that it has to be knocked down before moving further (silver), form Earthen Spikes facing the player at the target location (gold), Form a diamond wall of spikes in all directions (platinum), Forming a diamond prison of spikes pointing both inside and outside, when the diamond prison is knocked down, it explodes with diamond spikes flying everywhere doing massive damage (diamond)

        Azure Touch used in this instance is the platinum tier of the basic force power Azure touch. I actually described this power in an earlier post, here is the copy/paste.
        Azure Touch: a small azure aura envelopes the point of touch, pushing back the target a small distance.
        Bronze: can only cover hand/feet
        Silver: can affect martial weapon such as sword/club, granting attacks a knockback attribute
        Gold: can affect ranged weapon such as bullets/arrows for its duration
        Platinum: can push back targets that are two size larger than the user and cause % skill disruption for a great distance. If the target hits a barrier before the full distance is travelled, proportional massive damage is done to the target. This damage can be amplified further if the target’s defense is compromised and/or the barrier has spikes or other forms of damage.
        Diamond: no one has upgraded the skill to this level yet.

        So the skill combination at work here is Javelin (3), Burn (2), Dirt Pile (3), Azure Touch (4). The player pulls and immobilizes the target to the player’s location, sets it on fire so its defense is compromised. Then uses force power to form some earthen spikes so that the player can punch the target, while burning, through the air right into the spikes doing massive, massive damage. This plainly sounds awesome to me. This kind of gameplay places a premium and rewards player on tactical positioning and combat situational awareness. It’s far more fulfilling than mowing down mobs with just superior stats (facetank and trade blows).

        Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world, this fabulous gameplay isn’t available anywhere in today’s mobile ARPG. The main culprit is the control scheme. To pull the scenario off, the player needs to initiate 4 separate skills plus positioning. No matter how fun the combat scenario is, the gameplay suffers when the volume of control inputs overwhelms the visceral joy of watching one’s carefully laid tactical strategies come to fruition. So more than half the gameplay equation lies on the control scheme side.

        Control Scheme has to meet the following criteria.
        1. Efficient
        2. Simple
        3. Repeatable (reliable)
        4. Flexible
        I will get back to the control scheme a little later.
        Let’s change the combat scenario a bit to illustrate another situation.

        Combat Scenario #2

        Instead of a single lonely snowman, there is now a pack of them huddled around a small fire for warmth. What does a player do in this instance?
        How about Javelin (4), Burn (4), Dirt Pile (3), Azure Touch (4).
        I won’t waste the digital ink to describe what happens when the above skill combo is put into use in this combat scenario. Now the reader might say why not use this skill combo for the combat scenario #1 as well. This gets back to check and balances. Higher tier skills cost much higher Star Force Mana. That’s the limiting resource so the player doesn’t just nuke everything in sight. Resource management is an integral part of evolved gameplay. Judicious use of the force power is another way to demonstrate player skill.

        Leaving our MK Scorpion archetype for a bit, let’s focus on the Doom Slayer archetype now.

        Combat Scenario #1

        How would a Doom Slayer archetype approach this combat scenario?
        First we are talking about a player with high Firearm proficiency, thus likely wielding some kick ass weapon. The force powers this player is likely to employ tends to be buff or utility based, such as getting around the combat area quickly, disabling and/or enhancing the power of their chosen weapon.
        Force Shield (2), Javelin (2), Rapid Fire (2).

        Force Shield: a small frontal force field that dampens damage from incoming ranged ammo (bronze), a full frontal force field that also acts as an inertial dampener (basically any falling damage or damage from hitting something while moving is ignored) (silver), 360 degree personal force field that also absorbs melee damage upto certain amount (gold), a 10feet by 10feet force field that can offer protection to all within range (platinum), a regenerative shield that also redirects incoming ranged attacks to nearby targets (diamond).

        Rapid Fire: firing rate of the weapon is sped up 3x for the next 1sec (bronze), normal attacks for firearms goes from 3sec per shot (rocket launcher or any heavy artillery type to 10shots per sec minigun), firing rate of the weapon is now sped up to 6x for the next 1sec (silver), Bonus attacks up to Master will now trigger 100% more during Rapid Fire (gold), Bonus attacks up to Paragon will now trigger 100% more during rapid fire (platinum), First attack from Rapid Fire is guaranteed to be Paragon Bonus (diamond).

        So our Doom Slayer calls up a personal force field and meat hook his way to the target and then proceeds to unload massive lead into the unsuspecting snowman. Not a bad day in the office I’d say.

        Combat Scenario #2

        Ok, so we are talking about a mob now. Obviously the skill combo from before will prove to be a death trap if deployed here.
        Force Shield (3), Javelin (2), Rapid Fire (5) wielding BFG10K

        Yea, a guaranteed Crust Crusher attack from the trusty BFG10K should lay waste to whatever our Doom Slayer is facing, be it one snowman or a whole friggin tribe.
        Of course one can get fancier with Utility Powers like Vortex Trap, it’s only limited by the player’s imagination.

        The goal here is to give the players a blank canvas, let them paint their respective masterpieces. Let them find the most enjoyable way through the obstacles. Let no two methods be the same and reward ingenuity, and tactical thinking.
        I described just a taste of what this kind of gameplay can offer. The most enjoyable games are the ones that place the least amount of shackles on a player’s imagination.

        But this all still boils down to the problem of designing a control scheme that can efficiently support all of the above.
        GAQO KITO REZO 1934


          Let’s review my control scheme requirements:
          1. Efficient
          2. Simple
          3. Repeatable (reliable)
          4. Flexible
          I believe that I have come up with the solution here. This is quite possibly the single most important element in the mobile ARPG design.

          Solution is actually multi-part.

          First we recognize the mobile interface limitation. There is only so much input bandwidth. A single input must trigger a lot of gameplay action; otherwise, the best gameplay becomes undone by the clumsiness and “busyness” of the control scheme. Not to mention ultra-tired fingers.

          Second, we recognize the need to shift much of the strategic and tactical aspects of the gameplay outside the actual gameplay. This is necessary in order to streamline the actual gameplay, making the control scheme a helpful partner in crafting an enjoyable gaming experience instead being the opposite.

          What I propose:

          Gesture based control scheme combined with pre crafted, customizable skill combos.

          A skill combo is just that, upto 5 game actions lined up in a queue, triggered by a single gesture. Game actions include force powers and normal attacks.
          Take the MK Scorpion from combat scenario #1, a pre crated skill sequence of Javelin (3), Burn (2), Dirt Pile (3), Azure Touch (4) (yes you can pick the tier of power you want in a skill sequence)), Normal attack. That’s 5 game actions. Think of this like an attack pattern/combo one has perfected. When seeing a single target, this is what you whip out. One skill followed by another in quick and devastating fashion. One can simply rotate through the power tier by tapping it (upto the acquired power level of course since if the player doesn’t have diamond level javelin, the crafting sequence won’t allow that level of force power being used).

          Similarly the skill combo used in combat scenario #2 can be pre crafted and trigger-able by a single gesture. Noticed the value of the gesture control scheme it. Since it contains location data as well as the skill being triggered, the Dirt Pile power is invoked at the point of the gesture. Makes it elegantly simple and efficient.

          Now the problem becomes if we only have 3 gestures, there are myriad of combat scenarios that would need many more than 3 skill combos to fully handle.

          Here is the next evolution in control scheme. Assuming a right handed player (left hand can just have the game swap control map), the right hand will be drawing the gestures to trigger skill combo. The left hand will actually have two buttons at the lower left corner of the gameplay area. The buttons are just + and -. They increment or decrement the skill combos being used. Assuming a 1 to 5 step function where pressing + again at 5 will put the counter to 1, this multiplies the number of skill combos trigger-able by 3 gestures. Now you have 15, count them, 15 distinct skill combo/sequences at one’s disposal. That should be more than enough for even the most ardent armchair tacticians.

          So the skills of a player can be demonstrated both from the imaginative skill combos (wars are won before they are even fought), and the nimble finger tactical prowess.
          GAQO KITO REZO 1934


            The goal behind this hypothetical mobile ARPG is to allow a player to PLAY out their own fantasy in the hopefully beautifully curated sandbox the developers have created.

            You want to play as a Jedi? Sure, acquire force power like telekinesis (that's your force push and force jump), charm (those aren't the robots you are looking for), force deflect (beam weapons are no challenge to you).

            Play as a Sith? Grab force power like electricity (Emperor Palpatine's force lightning is just one diamond tier away), telekinesis (Vader choke anyone?), life suck (ok, you will need to be a healer to access this type of power, never thought a sith is actually a murderous doctor).

            Your standard magic spell caster? Why not, grab hold of ranged destructive powers and make yourself the second coming of <insert legendary wizard names... Merlin?>

            The point is you can be whatever the heck you want by pick and choosing the powers and shape them into combos of your own design.

            Weapons will come with two modes of attack. Standard and Fierce/Special. For melee weapon, this basically means you poke poke poke as normal, then do some splashy big move as the special. However you can only do a special after powering up for awhile using the standard attacks. This gives even more strategic depth. You want to save the big moves to combo with enhancement powers or other powers that tilt the combat situation in your favor. Then you unleash the asswooping with even more glorious results.

            Let's say there are 30 powers, with 5 tiers each, that's 150 possible powers. Combined with 15 pre craftable skill combos, the possibilities are truly endless.

            All monsters will come with a selection of powers of varying tiers (to reflect monster's own tiers). So the main advantage of player against the mobs is the greater diversity in skill choices and combos that they offer. When introducing a whole new monster, it may come with its own unique, never before seen power. That can potentially upend existing meta and offer up whole new ways to progress. The possible interactions among the skills is what keeps a game fresh and inviting. Anyway I have pretty much put forth all the main pieces out there now for this game design. The remaining parts are details and balancing. Those will be time consuming to get it right. But the bones are all there. Hope I'm not the only one desiring such a game to be made real. This is probably my last post on this matter. So I invite everyone to post a note of support to see this made. Adrian (Developer) Red (Developer) feel free to chime in. Also anyone know the email address of game designer guys at blizzard, bethesda etc? PM me if you could. I don't really care where this game is made... I just would like to see it made.
            GAQO KITO REZO 1934