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Beta v1.4.40 - Non-event Leader Board Removal

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    Beta v1.4.40 - Non-event Leader Board Removal

    TL;DR Please do not disable the non-event leader board. Just reset the board instead.

    I do not know how others weigh in on the topic, feel free to chime in as you see fit, but believe that deactivating the leader board when events are not active will be detrimental to the game.

    One of the best tools for new players or even veteran players trying something new is to look at the leader board and see how those around them and those at the top are doing and how they are doing it. Without an active leader board outside of events I might think that I am really rocking it when I have a Champion Level of 1750 with all Legendary set item gear and am killing it by defeating in 9:48 that viscous, viscous Kara at level 50. Then? I happen to look at those immediately above and below me only have Champion Levels of 250 and are going toe-to-toe with my results. Nothing can be so earth shattering and eye opening.

    All that really needs to be done is to reset the current non-event leader board because there are so many rankings on it from before the trial difficulty was increased. Otherwise? Having ranking from several months ago is not an issue as older values will be supplanted as time goes on as long as the difficulty either stays the same or gets easier. Only making the difficulty level harder mandates a reset.

    I mean, consider the past. When I started playing? There was over a million rankings on the leader board and the leader board was not reset for the first time that I was aware of until last year.

    Does this mean that if you run A New Beginning, ANB, event when there is not a season active that the ANB heroes will see a leader board and the regular heroes will not?

    The leader board is a critical tool for learning the game and for teaching others that are learning.

    Also, the leader board is crucial to allow us players to figure out some of the games boundaries and publish the results so that players can better understand how to play the game. I know that, I for one, would regularly look at the leader boards to see things like the lowest recorded damage necessary to clear the trial level. This is how we were able to confirm some players were using older versions of the software during an event and allowed players to notifying you of the offending players.

    If you are going to remove this valuable tool? Publish more information about the parameters of the game. Here is an easy one that I have spent weeks working on. What are the clearing time ranges for the various trial unlock levels? Guess what? I used the leader boards as part of this process as a cross verification since the clearing time shown in the trial and the clearing time showing on the leader board tends to vary by 1 second and it is the leader board times that are used in the table. I hesitate to say that there is always a 1 second difference and the reason why I compare the values is to look for any time that the difference does not exist. This process comes to dead stop when there is not a leader board up.

    The only advantage I can see for not having a leader board up outside of events is that there can no longer be reports of questionable players during the non-event times as we can not see what other players are doing. Please tell me that this is not the only reason why you are proposing to shutdown the non-event leader board. If we don't watch out for these offenders during non-event times then there will be dozens, if not hundreds, monopolizing the very first day of a new season.

    There were no real complaints between Season 1 and Season 2 that I recall. The only real complaint that is occurring right now is that the board should have been reset because of the huge disparity before and after the difficulty change. If the difficulty change had not occurred? I doubt there would have been a single complaint with the non-event leader board just being a continuation from the non-event period between Season 1 and Season 2.

    I struggle to see any real upside to disabling the leader board outside of events. I easily see a variety of disadvantages to players in disabling the board.

    Please drop the idea of disabling the non-event leader board. Please, instead, just do a simple reset when the difficulty level is increased.

    I am sure that there are others will disagree. Here come the other opinions.

    as a normal pc player (no beta?) i sometime wonder this warrior LB kind of thing..well
    Months ago i'm at Trial 138 (one of the LB still shows that)
    Then it was reset is it? i dunno..i just play as usual
    as i say.. for months i'm stuck at trial 114 (AND I'M OUT OF THE New LB? - i'm happy with it -i play as good as i can). Now where is this LB that shows i'm out? cause now i'm at trial 116. am i still out or wat? if i'm out or in what's my ranking? 200? 250? 150? or in top 100?. I dunno? cause when i press the LB it shows i'm at no: 44? trial 138 (LB of old).

    Hopefully waitin for the "One and Only Real up-dated LB" to know how did i progress
    Thank you
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
    trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

    brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

    Hv a nice day


      Tin Man I second your e-motion.


        I don’t understand the mentality behind disabling the leaderboard. Maybe I’m missing a post?? For me, the leaderboard provides a lot of information about the effectiveness of my gear set up. I know there are some players who really care nothing about leaderboard standings, but I think those players are in the minority.
        Perhaps the LB has been disabled to allow the developers to make changes and thoroughly clean it up. I don’t know since I haven’t seen an official post about it. Regardless, a reset has been long overdue.


          One thing I would like on the leaderboard is to display the date that a ranking was achieved. It would be helpful to know for sure which players are active and which achieved that high level months ago and haven't done anything since.


            Originally posted by Ubba Lothbrokson View Post
            One thing I would like on the leaderboard is to display the date that a ranking was achieved. It would be helpful to know for sure which players are active and which achieved that high level months ago and haven't done anything since.
            This is a great idea. The date that the LB position was achieved by each player and maybe even the game version that they were on. Hell, I’d like to have that info just for my own hero.
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              Tin Man other than the leaderboard fix, what other changes are users testing in the .40 beta
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              • Tin Man
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                Really have no idea until we stumble upon them. Things that I have noticed? The way the goods are gathered at level's end has changed so that all the goods go to the hero first and treat the hero like a portal. The goods than reappear just outside the gold and gem totals before being added. Also? Some of the icons for quest items have changed.

              I agree, keep the between event leaderboards but reset them each time the dificulty or gear lvl is bumped up (i hope both don't happen anymore but we'll see).
              Adding the date that it is achieved would be nice.
              Beeing able to see the event leaderboards after they are done would also be nice.
              I don't know where I ended up in season two and so haven't got a clue if I should be receiving medals (or should have received them already).


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                To be honest? The gear level being bumped up is just like the difficulty level is decreased. The old values would automatically be replaced as players beat their old values. That the players can not beat their old values is the issue.