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A suggestion that makes the game more variable

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    A suggestion that makes the game more variable

    Hello devs, Thanks for the update. I'm worrying about that in the end of S4, every player will copy the most powerful build, and (again) there will be only 1 build for each class, how about hide (or partly hide) the attributes of gears and battle statistic data on the leaderboards, only show the appearance?

    I dontthink the majority will be happy with your idea

    You wont get my vote for this and im pretty sure most wont


      Originally posted by LStab View Post
      how about hide (or partly hide) the attributes of gears and battle statistic data on the leaderboards
      Yeah, nah
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      I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.


        Not a good idea.


          Not for me.


            Leaderboard is supposed to be the guide for the best pushing build, its just a matter of player skill how much s/he can progress even if s/he copies the exact same stats, abilities, companions of the top players.
            ​​​​​​ITS A BIG NO.


              I suggested the opposite of this.

              I suggest that we can see Other Player's Attributes Information from Leaderboard.
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              • Tin Man
                Tin Man commented
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                There are only a couple of things that we can not see about a hero from the current leaderboard format, when they are active.

                The only things about a hero that we do not know from the leaderboard entry? We do not know the hero's Synergy bonus and the boosters that were being run during the trial. We see everything else about the hero.

                When a hero is CL 750+ or CL 850+? You can faithfully recreate the stats from the leaderboard information, with the above exceptions, with a high degree of certainty. The only other stray issues? If a player does something unusual like not assign Champion Points to Haste, Critical Rating and/or Critical Damage in order to increase Power even further. The higher the CLs? The less likely the Champion Points will go assigned to Power instead of making the other three maximum.

                The current leaderboard format is quite complete. The problem is when we are unable to view them.

              • Montresor
                Montresor commented
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                while i agree that it's possible to calculate the totals, it's a huge pain. and since we're able to calculate the totals, why not just make it possible to view them?

                if i'm curious how much AR the top mages are running, it's miserable to go through every single piece a person is wearing, write down the AR number, check their enchantments, and then add that up, for every person i check. insanely tedious when there's really no good reason to not just show the inventory screen ... which like you said, we're able to get the information on anyway.

              • steampunk
                steampunk commented
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                If I'm not mistaken, the same number of haste from 1 unit can give different hit per second compared to unit from another player.

                For example, 1000 haste gives 6 hit per second for my BH but 1000 haste for someone else BH can give 6,2 hit per second. Maybe it's because the synergy, booster, medal calculation or anything. And it's very confusing for some people including me.

                If the information is actually available, why not let us see that. That would save a lot of time.

                Just like Montresor said, it's a huge pain to calculate all of that.

                NB : Please bear with my english.

              No I like bring able to see the leaderboards to make more informed choices on gear and build.

              Never disagreed with anything more than I disagree with your suggestion lol
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