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Additional Stash Space - Another Option(s)

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    Additional Stash Space - Another Option(s)

    With the increased frequency of ANBs and all the new gear, we are all running low on space in hero inventory and Stash. Several proposals have already been submitted including more spaces, more pages, an additional stash and increasing the number of items that can be stored in one space, like gemstones and boosters. I have a suggestion that does not have to be exclusive of any of the other suggestions.

    Change items that only single-stack like Celestial Transforms, Custom Rare Jewelry Boxes and anything else that behaves the same to multi-stack like other items since some of these items are now propagating worse than rabbits with the current ANB frequency. The only reason that I can think of why these items do not stack already is that you track where they come from as each of these items will display their source when you select them. Can't you embed the source information some other way and still allow them to be tracked?

    Another option?

    Allow us to salvage a Celestial Transform for three Celestial Essences. Even if we still have to pay 250k gold to remake the Celestial Transform, that is a price I am willing to pay in order to free up the storage space. Alternately? Have the Celestial Transforms transfer from ANB as three Celestial Essences so that they get stored with the crafting materials and in greater quantities rather than inventory.

    Regardless of what you chose, chose something. We are in desperate need of freeing up or increasing storage space.

    Appreciate your consideration.

    +1 for the stacking. In addition, being able to stack more than 100 gemstones. I’m not, however, keen on the idea of messing with the CT’s. Not only because of the extra gold cost, but also because every time that gets “changed” by the devs it becomes bugged. We’ve had enough celestial screwups.
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      Why not make CT stockpiling so it only take one square in chest


      • chessmaster58
        chessmaster58 commented
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        Thats a good idea also, but thinking practically, do most players really have that big of a stockpile?
        Same could be said of the jewelry boxes

      • Turgeon
        Turgeon commented
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        Got many jewelry cube and like 6 or 7 unused CT it could save lot of space

      • BAgate
        BAgate commented
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        I've got 1.5 pages of unused jewelry boxes and a couple CTs, so letting them stack would be HUGE.

      I had 22 jewelry boxes until just recently when I crafted a full push set. Wish those could have been stacked. Now I'm filling that space with new bracers and trinkets. More storage space, please.


        All for anything that gets us more space. Pick any option that gets the job done, just please do something...........


          I want to try out the Fire Lilly - but it needs a full build with no CR or CD - need more space to be able to try this.


            I would save 43 slots if all identical items were stackable, with no (attainable) limit. I "need" more. As you said, your proposal is not exclusive to other propositions, but I would prioritize as follows:
            1. My idea (so surprising!), because a lot more space (even just two more columns would add 72 slots), stash is shared (I hate using mules), perhaps more importantly two more columns means an entire setup in two rows, it is simple™ to implement (it has been done in the past, before that we had 4 tabs of 6x6, and the inventory was 6x5);
            2. Other universal shared-space extension ideas (second stash, mini-stashes), if they include two more columns;
            3. The backpack idea (also non exclusive of mine), really nice to keep alternative setup on one hero without fearing the accidental salvage, and allows setup-in-two-rows; but added space is not shared, and it probably requires more work to implement;
            4. Any shared stash saving ideas, such as yours, or addition of specialized storage areas for gemstones or jewelry; does not per se allow setup-in-two-rows.
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              +1 on allowing CTs, Celestial Orbs, Celestial boxes, and jewelry boxes to stack. I have almost a full inventory page just devoted to just these items.

              Click image for larger version

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              • RockDoc
                RockDoc commented
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                That's what mine looked like until I gave in and made rings and necklace.

              • Ozymandius
                Ozymandius commented
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                Yes, jewelry crafting is not really my specialty. I think the need for more space will finally push me to craft some jewelry to replace my poorly crafted pieces. I think that I have more boxes and brilliant gems than I need to craft some "perfect" pieces. Of course, as soon as I do, they will add the new damage types to the jewelry crafting choices...

                Still trying to figure out which jewelry attributes will work best to counter the alacrity nerf in revised game. I may want AR on all my jewelry now.

              Or maybe, you can make it STASH on "per hero" basis.

              We have 6 universal stash on "per account" basis right?

              If the devs can make 4 out of 6 stash on a "per hero" basis, and 2 out of 6 as universal stash on a "per account" basis (or maybe 5 out of 8 and 3 out of 8 respectively if you want to add and additional 2 pages), it would drastically help us to manage all inventory items since most of the items cannot be used by one class from another class.

              2 (or 3 maybe) universal stashes can be more than enough to put some jewelries during crafting. And also capes and trinkets since most of them can be universal. Just suggesting.
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                I'm new, and don't have a vast collection of orbs and boxes and what not like you lucky dogs, but I am running out of space with only two characters. I am mainly collecting "perfect" jewelry to fuse with and it is impossible to collect everything. Why can't they double the amount of pages in the storage chest? Just put row 2, pages 7-12, right under the first row? We spend gems and get more space...everyone wins.


                  Gotta agree, why not make all items stackable, except actual gear ofc.
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                    I root for the stacking and I also suggest you to sell extra space for real money. That is a non p2w approach and will generate some income. I would buy it instantly.