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Please reset glory spent to unlock recipies after balance updates

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    Please reset glory spent to unlock recipies after balance updates

    Just a thought. Planning that items MAY get nerfed or boosted in the next update per the last note from Travis. If people use their limited glory to unlock an recipe that gets nerfed to useless (or at least less useful) that just seems not cool. Can we get all glory reset so folks can respend it after item balance changes?
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    Originally posted by Allunra View Post
    ...per the last note from Travis.
    Originally posted by Travis | Support Mgr.
    ...that may also contain balance changes for the new gear before Gold 5 starts.
    You're talking as if balance changes are a sure thing.


      Thanks Travis for reading. Whether it be this update or a future one, I don't mind betting that there will be a balance update sooner or later. Me personally, I'm concerned that molten belt is nerfed with infinite stacking. Are you in position yet to cite what is in the next update?

      P.S. Edited the OP to add the "may" .
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      • Travis | Support Mgr.
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        Originally posted by Allunra View Post
        Are you in position yet to cite what is in the next update?
        As mentioned in the post you cited, it will be a bugfix build that may or may not contain balance changes. That's the only info I have so far.

      There will always be an update, eventually, that changes everything. No one forces us to spend Glory.

      Prudence would dictate that Glory, like any other asset in the game, is only used when you have to and when you have a specific goal. If you spent your Glory for your goal of the moment? Then you got what you paid for. With a change in the game, it is unlikely that they will relock any items though adding more is a distant possibility.

      As far as we can tell right now? The use of Glory is very finite and we will not have anything to spend it on in a year or less.

      There really should not be any expectation to have Glory refunded to us just because of a future game change. If that were the case? I would much prefer to have all my gold, gems and crafting resources refunded for obsolete items.

      Doesn't sound very reasonable, does it? Considering I had full use of those items while they were important, even if just for a day and a singular goal.

      Just like any in-game action, we choose when to spend Glory, except for fat-finger incidents and you have my sympathies LodWig . Undoing our choices is something that has been consistently not done.

      Like everything in the game.

      Spend your Glory wisely. Which, in this case, likely means waiting to spend any until you find out how quickly we will acquire it and what items are most desirable.

      Travis, being the public face for the game has to have a higher level of diplomacy. As a player? I can be blunter.

      Update: Sorry, I was a bit harsh. I do see a reasonable expectation for expecting a refund of Glory. If your profile was rolled back to its condition before the Glory was spent? Yes, a reversion of the Glory would be reasonable. Not only would your Glory be reset but so would any other impact on the game that you encountered since spending the Glory. All your resources and Champion Levels and everything would be reset. Alas, expecting the developers to maintain a profile history going back weeks and months and possibly years is not something that I would anticipate anytime soon.
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        Thanks Tin Man for putting so much thought and commentary into that reply. And no it was not perceived as harsh. Too your point, eventually glory vs the current spend limit (assuming they don't continue to add more unlock options) will make it all a moot point. I was just figuring that it would be nice if they chose to do so and no harm in asking.


          For reference, when the same thing happened in the past (multiple times) with balance changes involving sets, we were not given the option to revert our Celestials. The official response from the team was "farm more Celestials in the next events"*, so you might want to reset your expectations on the matter.
          Regardless of how fair/unfair it feels, it's just as Tin Man said it

          *upon reading this again, I realise that it might seem that I disagree with that decision. I don't disagree, it's not reasonable to expect a refund for resources spent for gear that is no longer the best.

          Edit: that said, I am sure that if you spent your Glory on an item by accident and you realise it immediately (NOT after you tested it and decided you don't like it), you may have a case and I would suggest creating a support ticket as soon as possible. But that's pretty much the only scenario where I would plea for their help.
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          I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.