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Set tooltips updated for elemental damage

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  • Grand_Wazoo
    Nice job on tracking these...

    I agree...A little more clarification would be nice.

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  • Firefrye
    started a topic Set tooltips updated for elemental damage

    Set tooltips updated for elemental damage

    Is it possible to get the tool tips for set given skills to include their new elemental damage types?
    This is important because we have to chose what elemental bonuses to add to our trinkets, and I find myself guessing what I should add.

    Here’s a list of skills (in no particular order) I think could benefit from clarification:

    GMC set: Shatter/thermal shock. Is the element based on the skill triggering it or the elemental state the enemy was in? (Burn/frozen)

    Frostfire sash: does this change to beam to scale with fire damage? Does it still scale with frost? Does the burn scale the same way?

    Stormcaller: the 2 piece bonus doesn’t specifically say the lighting strike is nature damage (but the rest of the set heavily implies it)

    Elban’s Scepter, Mukraiser, Necronomicon: do summoned minions scale of your damage? What element do they use?

    Rylocke’s deflector: is the lightning nature damage?

    Eridanus: the weapon specific “ripple” skill doesn’t list a damage type, and I could understand it being either phys or arcane

    Fury: are the spawned swords and tornadoes both phys? Or are the tornadoes nature to match with whirlwind?

    Belt of the Whirling storm: the discharge has no listed element

    Brooch of Vampirism: what type is the drain?

    Assassin’s belt/Demolitionist’s set: are the bombs fire or phys damage? (I assume fire, but it doesn’t say on either)

    Shadow Assassin’s pistol set: the poison cloud doesn’t say nature damage (To be consistent with other poison skills elsewhere)