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    Expanding achievement list

    <if there is a simalr thread which I might have missed forum mods please merge>

    With the removal of getting easy gems by watching ads I have seen complaints and suggestions on how to ease this loss. One of the ideas which I saw even before this update was expanding the achievement list. I think this is a good idea and doesn't require a lot of additional programming since it can expand on existing scripts.

    I wrote this thread to excite experienced players, new players and hopefully increase number of joining players and target a slightly different player base. And I hope as the eternium community we can give some ideas to the developers and help to improve the gaming experience.
    The idea is to have a large list of achievement divided in easy medium, hard and paid with increasing rewards.

    Below some ideas additional to re-using some ANB goals (with modifications, such as clear trial level 50, 100, 150 and not every 5 or 10 levels as in ANB).

    Numbers of reward and goals are arbitrary and serve as explanation and further discussion/idea developement.I hope this will help the developers to maintain the current players and expand their player base.

    Easy: (2, 5, 10 gems)
    1. Collected all books found in the story line. (Hand in 5, 10, all to get rewarded
    2. Open 100, 1000, 10.000 treasure boxes.
    3. Kill ALL mobs in a story line map (clear world 1+2, world 3 and world 4) As most know some are hidden in places you don't have to clear to finish the map.
    4. Clear all maps on normal, heroic and legendary mode.
    5. Collected 200, 500, 800 stars (I didn't do all since I read somewhere the max number is not correct)
    6. Buy 10, 100, 1000 items from the equipment trader.

    medium (5, 10, 25 gems)
    1. Kill 10M, 25M and 100M mobs in story line maps.
    2. Reach level 10, 25, 50 in crafting.
    3. Find some hidden items (this will require additional programming to add those items)...sort of continuous Easter egg hunt. Items will appear randomly so posting the location will not help much.

    Hard (25, 50, 100 gems)
    1. Kill 50M, 100M, 1B mobs in trial maps
    2. Open special treasure boxes, although not hard it cost gems and therefore will provide more like compensation for used gems, hence no number of boxes mentioned).
    3. Craft 1, 3, 5 legendary items with all perfect stats.
    4. Have 1, 3, 6 level 77 items

    Paid (25, 50, 100 gems)

    This needs some explaining. These are not "pay to win" rewards, but are just speeding up character progress. However, with patience you can collect these rewards from playing and thus only gives a speed up advantage in gathering valuable in game FREE items. These are rewards for supporting the developers which is not a bad thing).
    Off note: in my opinion, P2W means you can buy an item that is not available to F2P and gives an unfair advantage to those able to pay, this is not the case in this game.
    Ok, some of the ideas:
    1. Buy 1, 5, 10 season passes
    2. Buy 1000, 10000, 25000 gems
    3. Buy during ANB events (forgot the name of the booster packs, this could be further divided in bronze, silver and gold league purchases)


    Instead of number of mobs killed it can even be divided to specific mobs making the list of achievements very long. I think players will hunt for the rewards and will find it a nice addition to make the monotonous grinding more exciting, give newer players (like me) a change to also gather more gems and recruit new players who like to quest and reach many different goals and are not really interested in the competitive element of the game.

    I am sure their are a lot of players with additional and better ideas and I hope they will share these to hopefully give some not thought of ideas to the developers. Not all ideas might be possible due to programming issues but some might just be reusing already running scripts and can be easily added to the already existing achievement list.

    I'm about to make the same post for like past month but I wasn't able to do it because of ERR_INVALID_CERT_AUTHORITY problem (whatever that means)..

    Well my idea is to help new players to excel and have something to achieve on for endgame purposes. Because alot of new players are missing some important notes for achieving highly built character.

    Imo you can slash out, as it will never help new players nor will veteran players do them, the ffg:

    1. Easy #6 --- total waste of gems and therefore will not help players to achieve something big, as the items from equipment trader are pretty much will be overcomed by crafted items.

    2. Hard # 2 --- again, waste of gems, same reason as 1, (I really don't know the main purpose of this 2)

    Those are just opinions, well some additional suggestions are:

    1. Unlock/Buy recipes full set Armor gear (1, 3, 7) *you can include "Glory" paid armors or not.
    2. Buy recipes from Liana (All Warrior, All Mage, All BH recipes including their weapons)
    3. Unlock Unique Trinkets from Ingrid (3, 6, All)
    4. Unlock Unique Belts from Ingrid (1, 3, All)
    5. Unlock Bracer Of Mastery (Warrior, Mage, BH)
    6. Max out an ability of a hero (5, 10, All)
    7. Gain/Buy "x" amount of gold (1,000,000g / 10,000,000g / 100,000,000g)
    8. Gain/Buy "x" amount of gems (1,000gems / 10,000gems/ 100,000gems)
    9. Finish a story using only primary abilities for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)*
    10. Finish a Trial wearing common gears for "x" times (for Grey Ribbon Challenge! :P) (10, 100, 1000)
    ​​​​​​11. Finish a Trial without dying, for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)

    also, I would like to suggest hero-specific achievements for new players (and some veteran players with "all warrior" or "all bh" or "all mage" on their character slots! ) to have a chance to play each of the hero classes:

    Warrior Class:

    1. Leap for "x" times (can be named as "Bunny" for 100times, "Bunnier" for 10,000times, and "Bunniest" for 1,000,000times )
    2. Charge for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)
    3. Make a Whirlwind discharge for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)
    4. Use a Shockwave for "x" times (500, 5000, 50000)
    5. Pull "x" mobs together with your Leap (100, 1000, 10000)
    6. Vortex "x" mobs using whirlwind (500, 5000, 50000)
    7. Finish a story mode without using charge or leap or whirlwind (55 for each normal, heroic, legendary)* <--- total achievement! Haha.
    BH Class:

    1. Explode monsters using Sticky Bombs (500, 5000, 50000)
    2. Use Stealth for "x" times (100,1000,10000)
    3. Kill monsters using Traps for "x" times (100,1000,10000)
    4. Head shot monsters using MultiShot (1000, 10000, 100000)
    5. Use heatseekers for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)
    ​​​6. Finish a story mode without using Stealth. (55 each for normal, heroic, legendary)*

    Mage Class:

    1. Activate North Wind for "x" times (100,1000,10000)
    2. Pull "x" mobs using Singularity (1000, 10000, 100000)
    3. Kill mobs using Death From Above (100, 1000, 10000)
    4. Kill mobs using Immolate (100, 1000, 10000)
    5. Kill "x" mobs from Shatter (1000, 10000, 100000)
    6. Kill "x" mobs from Thermal Shock (1000, 10000, 100000)
    7. Freeze "x" mobs from either Frost Nova, Blizzard, and the like (1000, 10000, 100000)
    8. Use Frostbeam for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)
    9. Blink for "x" times (100, 1000, 10000)
    10. Finish a story mode without using Blink (55 each normal, heroic, legendary)*

    *story modes excludes "The Severed Mountain" as it is way too easy to complete.​​​​

    With these list, players will also not be bored waiting for events to happen, and will continue to play to be able to achieve something from the "achievements".

    Eternium ID: FULU KONU ROFE 9542

    "Look me in the eye."


      Thanks for your constructive post, pointing out the flaws (sorry) and better additions. Since I am a fairly new player myself I wanted to start the discussion for the developers to browse through and see if there is something viable for them to make the grind more exciting. Of course they can adjust the goals and rewards to their insights.

      Having multiple voices to try and improve the game for all and hopefully attract more players is all we can do for now. Thank you taking the time to make such an extensive reply, I hope it will be noticed by those who can actually implement change without making it too easy for new players and too useless for veterans.