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New Meta to reach Trial 200+

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    New Meta to reach Trial 200+

    I don't think anyone can beat Trial 180+ - 200. and most of what ive seen on the global ranking had already their End game sets. and already put celestial transform, theyre probably nothing to accomplish to get as they already have gotten their max potential in game and theres nothing for them to unlock as theyve unlock already everything that they can, and some of them having thousands of gems. I've come up with an idea.

    adding new features for pets for them to be more useful this is a buff actually, i know they already have aura but their skills are not even useful. and i felt like them >> u equipped them just to give you their aura and damage / toughness the skills are pretty much useless unless it gets a rework.

    Possibilities for rework skills and improvement of their skills and passive.

    Xagan's passive is somehow helpful if you are a caster mage that wanted to decrease your cooldown. and with the skill of chainshock ability.

    What i see here is that what if we changed the passive ability *Ability Rating* To turn enemy npcs to one of its allies meaning they will turn to green and fight for you and will last for 15-30secs depends and this passive has a cooldown of 15.

    and turn the Chainshock ability to Lightning Durance.

    Lightning Durance will decrease the enemy armor by 5% and 100% weapon damage> this skill can stack to the bosses and same to trial but to the normal npcs the decrease of their armor is 5% but for the boss once its cast to trial bosses the decrease armor is 0.5% can last for 60secs. ( the cooldown of this skill is 25 seconds take note it is better to make this skill bounce to all enemy around u by 100% so every ncps around u can get a decrease armor.

    Maggie the potion caster.

    her passive is more useful for warrior because of vampiric and healing effect.
    and has the same skill as the normal pet like Eileen vortex.

    what if we change the passive healing effect, vampiric TO *Improve passive ability by lvl 10* simple as that. what does that mean, what it means if you equip like a increase casting ability and u already have upgraded it to the max 10, so it will just be like if your a bounty hunter and you have a tracer passive equipped it will be doubled to Tracer 20 its kinda op yes but this will make alot of players make it to Trial 200+ for sure.

    The archer Endar.

    passive It just increase your haste, but whats more interesting if we make the passive haste and turn it to, *decreasing the enemy damage by 50% to normal npcs and same with ncps attack speed, can it be applied to boss? It can but the max damage reduction is 5% and the attackspeed by 5%.

    and also just want to let u know that by decreasing what i meant is u can decrease the npcs/boss damage/attackspeed by attacking them, like for example per attack to npcs are 1% and if hits again it will be 2% till kt reached 50% to the bosses the 5% damage reduction and same as the attackspeed reduction will be apllied already once attack.

    and last for the warrior marcus and norgim.

    Marcus deafen is not available in Trial so thats - negative not helpful at all, norgim improves armor aura.

    and just charge an enemy and stun.

    If wr change the passive and turn it to Duelistic meaning if u equipped Marcus or Norgim theyll duel Elite NPc's in Trial *can duel elite higher npcs likr that has a fire aura npcs and slow aura npcs. and has a cooldown of 30sec and Marcus will automatically gain 50% of hero damage example if your damage is 2million then marcus will gain 1million damage per attack. only the damage and not the tougness, armor*.

    the Ability skill of them can be like a fatal skill that can kill 5 npcs instantly has a cooldown of 20.

    just think about it, you can cast their skills now unlike right now their skills are not helpful and at early game either their skills are not helpful so players prefer not to use their skills.

    and the best thing here is that the higher the trial the harder it gets, introduction of lvl 88 lvl item/weapons and mastery crafting lvl of 75.

    A must add unique weapons, as always sets have been more useful than the unique one hailstorm, If its unique then the crafting recipe should be very expensive and the attributes and the stats should be insane...

    like u need 500night cloth for 1 item and 300 dust something like that. It should be super expensive thats y its unique.

    so the crafting payment will bot be gold this time, and it should be gems.

    an example 500gems for lvl 71-77 random lvl item.

    and what make it more unique than the current legendaries, u can reforge all the stats..

    an example.

    Once crafted u get a.


    You want to rid of exp or gold or any.

    u can reforge all and select the right stats until u get the fully upgraded weapon.

    yes the reforging will still cost gems.

    but this time will be expensive, like first reforge.

    An example.


    You reforged Power and get Critical Damage and it will cost 50gems and reforge it again will cost 100 it will be doubled to like 50 - 100 - 200 -400 -800 -1600.

    once u have spent 1,600 for stat 1 u can choose what ever stat u want and whenever u want it if u want a gold then gold it is, with max gold maybe well see a 500% gold increase.

    same to the stats 2 - 3 - 4.

    once u have reforge every u can choose what ever u want. and this comes up with a Exp grinding u can lvl up faster. a 300% exp boost in 1 stat better than the shop. but yes the insane gems spent is pretty much insane.

    the balancing damages and all will not be at me i just want to suggest a better gameplay experience that not just us the current players can experience but for the others that will try the game too, it may sound hilarious but, right now we are limited interms of doing daily task what to do. what can i focus on stuff like that, i have so much questions about the game me have been playing the game for quite a while now. I just want to make eternium have so much stuff to do, it has the unique gameplay yes and this type of game motivates me more to study better so i can go to a better university and study programming more as i only watch youtube as my guide at developing stuff and animations just like that I'm so interested you know, . I just want eternium to be more than eternium like to the point u have more things to do than farming and going by trials by trials. It must not be limited when it comes doing stuff in game and achievement in game, it should be infinite.

    theres a lot that can be put in game, but the big problem is the balancing and coding. do understand.

    And one thing, that may help in the future. Do not remove a content that have been enjoyed by many before unless theres already a new content that will replace the old one.

    like what happen to the Ads and Gem's, It must be posted in General Discussion if theres something that will be remove in game, why? players are used to it and if it was removed and theres nothing that can replace that content then theyll get pissed.

    It is better to discuss it, before removing it and talk about it in general Discussion, an example once all player agree removing it and adding a new one that is much rewarding than the current. then thats the time to update the game and remove and add the replacement.

    I've been seing of those kind of post in a Eternium group that is use to it.

    only a suggestion ok

    Only a suggestion too : you should calm down with suggestions.

    If each new player starts posting all their ideas, it is certain that this sub-forum will no longer be read by devs, if at present it is.

    Another suggestion : could we add a dislike button ?
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      Editing a comment
      im trying to figure out how can top players can progress more for them to do more than repeating their daily routine, since i saw a post from a group that hes stuck at trial 159 he say and planned to leave since he has nothing to do than doing the same thing everyday trials,pvp all that hes a one of the top 50global so i tried to suggest stuff like these to u know make them play more so he can achieve more. coz that guy has been helping many in that group so i just dont want any old one to leave as theyre actively helping new ones like me, my suggestion is super weird but thats what comes up in my head and try to suggest it than going google and find a better content to add in rpg hack and slash.

      i cant even finish trial 100 in 5minutes i havent got any lvl77 gear that is useful, and my character potential is not even good so seeing an old player with his character being decent and the time he spent in game is tough for me coz u can see the determine to be good.. so i always for good players like them..