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Can we have more consumable item

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    Can we have more consumable item

    I prefer adding, Greater EXP BONUS x Greater Currency Booster.

    I think the price of the Greater EXP is 200 and the Greater Currency Booster is 85. What if combine the effect that will be helpful for newones and the effect will last an hour but the price will be 300-350gems?

    And would like to suggest.

    the new consumables such as.

    Less - Greater Booster for.

    Increase drop rating of cured letherz enchanted leather, for leather pack. the price shohld be cheap.

    and the Silver pack.

    Increase drop rating of silver ores, silver ornament, mitril and idk other the item names.

    And this can be use once.

    I think 100gems price for this Item.

    ​​​​​​get double - x5 when u salvage an item.

    for example if u salvage a legendary, and it gives u.

    2 Greater Essence of Fire.

    ​​​​​​2 Greater Essence of Water.

    3 Greater Essence of Shadow

    and other leather.

    But if u use the Greater Salvaging item.

    It can be multiply by 5.

    ​​​​but it can be use once so if u salvage an item it is better to have a full of legendaries inyour inventory like its better to expand the inventory so that if u use the Greater Salvage, u can get way more.

    so an example without Greater Salvaging.

    U only Get 50mark of titans etc, but with Greater Salvaging it can be 150-200
    same as to other Greater Essences leathers etc.




    i like the part that you keep post suggestion like this in the forum.
    but you know, devs (adrian) still need to fix bunch of bug and crash in the new version and the arena before he can start adding something new.

    and he didn't even add "extra stash" that player want maybe like many years ago LOL

    so "Good Luck" with your suggestion
    Guide :


    • Eternium2020
      Eternium2020 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yea, but it wont go to waste since he can back read some, same to other players that have suggested. It will be posted here in forum forever.