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Clan Leaderboard Yearly reset.

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    Clan Leaderboard Yearly reset.

    Would like to suggest to add clan in game, this is not Co-Op related, it is between u and your other friends in the same clan grind and kill alot of mobs, an example killing a normal mob gives u 5-10exp and elite creatures 50-200exp depends on trial lvl and the highest Clan receive something special which is the Jjang i dont know if u guys are familiar with that Jjang thing.

    Jjang can be obtained by being the top1 clan in clan Leaderboard and on top of your character heads theres a saying CHAMPION and thats what Jjang is and some other prizes which idk.

    and probably special cosmetics for Top 1-100 but the Top 1-3 are different one.

    How many clan members maybe up to 1-10 for testing and a small chat tab in Clan Profile for other clan members to talk to.

    I'm assuming alot of money can be top up if this added, why alot of new players will surely make their own clan and get their friends get into the game as you a leader you want to be active and get many exp contribution as possible and by that u will be needing to get alot of gems and stuff for you to be able to upgrade some of the abilities and stuff,.legemdary crate will be in high priority mostly because everyone will definitely want to get high lvl items and by that more money, and if we are talking play time in game we are talking 24/7 always online for those players that is grinding for Top Clan Rankings.

    And more likely the game will be in center of popularity again in Googleplay as Top 1 Free to play in Action, how the game itself is only 100+mb if u install it, and download atleast 300+mb resources in game but adding a content like Clan in game wont eat that much as there will be alot more time to think of upcoming/features about the clan stuff and we should also focus in Connecting players by players soon as possible.

    Lan to Lan should be possible, even though with or without internet as long as the players are on close distance it is good, so we can get other players from other games try Eternium more.

    We should offer better drop rate for new players starters for limited time for 30days and double their expgained 7days same with gold.

    And improve Graphics stability idk if it is called stability, for low end device for them to be able to play Eternium even though their device is not good. because what i think we need those players because they dont purchase something in game but what im sure is that theyll probably advertise the game themself if they like how the game works and how well it is working for him for a low enddend that can handle a decent game with decent graphics. so at end theyll probably tell their friends if they want to play the game and so on Clan is a thing for them to be more active, not literally Co-Op but still same clan, every ones target is exp farming to get to the top.

    and ive seen others wanted stuff like these to be featured then why not. thank u.

    my english is not good i only use translator ok, and this kind of content will give alot of time for devs to think more features to be added in upcoming updates.