Major and minor problems. . .
Feel free to add. . .

- Clones look abnornal (when both toons are using them)
- LoH doesn't seem to work (or maybe it's penalized on purpose).
- Healing after FoK set effect is incomplete (or maybe it's penalized on purpose, in which case it's a balance problem).
- Invulnerability seems to bug sometimes (I've kept damaging opponents during DFA, with bolts).
- When an opponent is beaten, the death-scream comes from your toon (which is even weirder when the opponent has the opposite gender).
- Sometimes, searching for opponents returns an error and the ticket is lost.
- Some effects seem to bug and/or be vulnerable to exploits, e.g. Encrypted Shield

- Stun effects last too long (can be solved by reducing the duration and adding a control bar that fills quickly).
- BH Smokescreen paralyzes your toon but the a.i. toon can move freely (it should really be just an invisibility cloak).
- BH traps, Singularity don't seem to affect your movement at all. . . but Shockwave does (correct me if I'm wrong).
- The a.i. toon (warrior) systematically chases your clones, except when it randomly doesn't and you die (this allows me to be in the top 100 with an Arcanist build just from trolling warriors. . . but the a.i. should go for the real toon every time and the power equilibrium point should be fixed for that scenario, right now a.i. stupidity makes clones way too convenient)
- a.i. fov seems infinite (preferable that it is 100% by default and increases only to match players at 110%, 120%, etc. . . )
- Paradox and MagTrap need to be 3 charges again (no, it won't break the game)