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an idea for season leaderboard informations?

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    an idea for season leaderboard informations?

    Hi all,

    I am new to the game . I am at trial 138 for the moment.
    I discover that developpers need a check before posting ANB or Season rank/medals and I understand this.

    But i think il could be very interresting to receive an automatic mail at the end of the season/or ANB (perharps not in the 10mn but during the day), like this :


    You're temporary rank at the end of the season was XXX . You 'll receive later the confirmation and your' medals if you have won something.


    Eternium team"

    It could be very interresting for players to know this information. For example, At 9h00 CET, I was 237 in the season leaderboard (normally 2 x3 medals) but I am not sure that i was at the same place at 10H. (End of season)

    In fact, it's just temporary result... Yes. but no matter if there is some cheaters that will be drop because that just give place in the good way.

    What I try to mean is : What is important for me at the moment? Where i was at 10h? because if I was (for example) 240 at 10h, I cant' go 251 with cheater drop.... I ''ll perharps be 238 but not 241.
    And for someone at 251 (temporary )... He will not fall at 253 but perharps go at 249..The only risk is a good news ^^.

    However, I have no idea of the technical constraint..... ^^ .. but It could be a very good functionnality from my point of view.

    More than that I saw players asking for médals more than a week after.... They thought that they were in position for medals but in fact they have changed of rank just before the end. It create job for web administrator to answer them and it create a bad feel for the player.

    English is not my natural tongue.... Perharps my message is not clear enough...

    Thanks for your reading,


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