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Suggestion to change blink belt (will not work in PVP)

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  • Felthiedattackhelicopter
    Apart from the CDReduction, the clones could provide alacrity benefits which i think they don't.

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  • Suggestion to change blink belt (will not work in PVP)

    Blink belt feels underwhelming on an already underwhelming set (arcanist), i propose to add a small base cooldown reduction to all skills upon blink usage, this could help maintain shards and can be easily tuned towards a balanced state of the build, if 2 seconds prove too powerful, reduce by .5 or 1 the reverse could be aplied if it seems still too weak.

    damage only, and a burn that doesn't quite deal as much damage as it should is not on par with the monstrosity that is frostfire sash.

    this part of the belt would not be active during pvp if devs and players do not think it appropriate.

    what do you think?

    seems easyish to implement and its just a buff where arcanist needs it.