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More end game options for celestial stacked players

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    More end game options for celestial stacked players

    Often do i see some players with a large amount of hoarded celestial transforms, they probably reached a point where anb rewards got underwhelming (medals increasing less and less and CTs being almost unusable)

    I think during anbs people with no use for CTs could sacrifice these CTs to enter one of the "coming soon" areas and be rewarded based on performance with endgame rewards, they would also revoke medal gains from normal leaderboard, this would fix some problems both for new players and old alike:

    Old players have little to gain from anbs and new players feel gated by them (and yes ive seen the arguments of medals being a minimal advantage, a minimal advantage is still an advantage, some players are earning close to 400 armor from medals alone which equates to 2 extra free sockets from just 1 medal node, all of them combined equates to an Overpowered level 70 8-9 statted extra item this doesnt seem as minimal to me, not the end of the world but its strong and good to have)

    after earning the celestial transforms players would sacrifice them for access to a separate leaderboard facing only people that did the same, rank >(insert number) gets awarded with some endgame incentive such as:

    -celestial augment: augment a celestial item granting it +1/2/3/4 (up to balancing team) levels

    -celestial jeweller's orb: special gem that grants x% to jewellery stats or maybe some moderate passive this could be bound forever to whichever ring it was attached to.

    -straight up ct for jewellery adding vitality and # to each stat

    a choice of any of the above.

    These players would also earn medals if

    I am at 4 total medals and 4 cts at the moment but i think this would make older players really happy while making competition feel fairer between noobs or aspirants while the top dogs compete with each other for more endgame, only real downside is powercreep to seasonal ladder but this would undoubtebly spark some joy to already maxed people, or at least so i think.
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