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    Companion revamp

    There has been ages since anything is done to the companions and I would say, that they have degraded. Some more than others and some to complete trash.

    I think they, skills should be made more impactful and they should scale.

    I Will start with the trash:

    Xagan - he has been broken since day one and buying him is the same as buying the stormcaller set. Description is awesome but reality is far from it. Its a ripoff.

    His theme is manipulating with time, cc and debuff

    His AR buff - that was the only thing why some mad player would even consider him. But since the AR rework the value of that is diminished even more and made him even more useless.
    Change AR buff it to flat coeficient to cd. Currently the max reasonable cd we can get is 40% and the most usual value is somewhere around 30%. Have one xagan increase the cd by 10%, meaning that having 3 xagans would push 30% cd to 40% and 40% to 52%. That would be a worthwile buff.

    His normal attack - Useless, does zero damage. I would remove it completely and just let him autoattack like robin.

    His blow up attack - Delete that completely, it is the main reason he has been trash the whole time. Instead of blowup make his attack scale with player damage and silence for 5sec.

    His ultimate - The stun is nice but add an 8 sec attack speed slow on it. (like the one on time warp)

    Also insert him into the story, to 1'st act so people can use him in anb and if needed will buy extra.

    Robin - Theme is raw damage, cc and debuff

    Attack speed buff - that is is nice, the attack speed gained is noticable and it scales.

    Her freeze trap - this is actually quite useful, but im out of ideas what to add to it.

    Her ultimate - as it is it is probably the most useless ultimate of all the companions, it is outdated and does absoultely nothing. Make the damage of the attack scale with the player damage and add a debuff to all mobs hit that they take 25% more damage the next 5 sec. Like a quarter of a slayer.

    Eileen - Theme is to HP regen, cc and debuff the mobs

    Regen and damage passive - it is very good as it is.

    Her heals on player - I dont notice them much, but as as she heals, it should leave a buff to player for 5 sec, that increases the Life on hit for 14,28 per each player level (1000 in the end)

    Her ultimate - Best in the game, which means the addition to it should not not be as strong as to others. So my suggestion is that, vortex sould not add to the CC immunity on and casting it should reset the CC immunity timer on all affected mobs.

    Marcus - Theme is defence, cc and debuff

    Armor and HP buff - Very nice, no need to tweak that.

    His shout - Useless, since it does not work in trials, but it should, at least the damage reduction part on enemies

    His ultimate - Stun is good but scale the damage, make it a bleed and affected targets can not be healed for the next 8 seconds.

    Also make all the ultimates work on all bosses. Even the CC immune ones, because being able to reposition bad boss spawns would fix one big of a bad issue in the game.

    I personally think that this change would make all of the companions desirable to all classes in certain situations and the value of them would rise significantly.

    Praise or trash pls.
    Last edited by Heikki Gross; 06-17-2021, 08:24 PM.

    Seems a very comprehensive write-up, I like it


      and buying him is the same as buying the stormcaller set. Description is awesome but reality is far from it. Its a ripoff.
      A truer statement has never been made.


        I be glad to cut and paste armo like a file sometimes when I recicle lots of armo together are a lot clicking..

        Same with gemstones to remove a from armo all you choose at once.
        And the amount of money when you win on arena look better don't give any money when armo cost more ther 200,000 gold plus 202,000 on the mithril. And you sell one and give you thousand gold jeje and win a arena and was a hero of 35 points and gets a little gemstone some green and blue armo and wow 1,000 good. Only need to win 500 times to craft legends.


          well said, I couldnt agree more. I was disappointed in the companions when I first started playing.. now I don't use them unless I'm pushing or starting a new character..


            Very thoughtful analysis. I concur that making companions more useful would be a positive change in the game. Definitely agree that Robin/Endar [marksman] multishot attack should have a lot more punch to it, and I also like the idea of scaling Marcus/Norgrim's charge damage; mostly it is only useful as a stun right now.

            It would be nice to be able to mix and match companion skills (e.g., build a companion with Elieen's vortex utility and Robin's attack speed boost aura).