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    I second you lodwig


      I challenge the devs to name a single icon on the left side that is needed during a trial. Guys and gals, hello? Are you there? What were you thinking? Hey, Mr/Ms Designer, please play the game yourself, for real!


        Agree with all the comments...

        And where is the trial damage overview sheet now?


        • papa jim
          papa jim commented
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        Im a PC player and I agree that the new UI is a downgrade more than an upgrade, however I like the overall idea and layout.
        But it does not appear to be designed to actually improve playability or by somebody who actually play the game at a higher level.
        It actually makes my gameplay experience worse and causes lots of unnecessary frustration during battle.
        It appears to be designed only to look nice, not actual to improve functionality.
        It do look nice thou ...and shiny

        1) Why the giant Icons to the left during Trial?
        ....I already died once by clicking War Supplies mid battle,
        nobody need to check mail while pushing to complete that next trial ....or while running away from fireballs

        2) The icons in the bottom of screen are too many and too close together, Its very hard keeping track of cool downs on Healing Pot´s, Abilities etc. during combat.
        Spending half a second too long looking down there, means Im dead and probably game failed. ...on mobile you would probably cover them with your hand, which for me would totally destroy the game.
        Spread them out a bit, not all of them in one big line and put spaces between categories. Like Health Pot-Appel (SPACE) Skills-Ability (SPACE) Follower skill 1-2-3.
        Maybe put lesser useful stuff like character sheet, quests and setting somewhere else. ....together with a combat log icon (cough)
        Maybe give an option if you want button bar top/bottom/left/right on screen and an option to disable menu items like mailbox and stuff during combat.
        The format is widescreen I got plenty of movement space to the sides and little up and down. With icons in bottom of screen my playing field becomes even more narrow up and and down.
        That greatly affect moveability in a negative manner.

        I like the mob highlighting, maybe it should be dampened a little thou. I would like my targeted mob(clicked/active) mob to light up too, maybe in a different colour.

        Best Regards
        Torben Aka TransmoT - Noob Mage


          - Toon's HP bar often blinks or disappear.

          - Vertically & horizontally narrowed trial screen due to unnecessary group of icons (left & bottom of screen). The bottom line icons definitely need to be removed for effective trial push mouse control (mouse pointer frequently goes the bottom area of screen during trial push & XP grind).

          - ability description windows easily pop up (when mouse is on it) unnecessarily during trial push as shown below.

          - Why were 1/10 dividing bars removed from XP bar ?

          - It will be great if mouse pointing highlighter is on/off optional.

          - crash often.
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            I just didn't have anything to say for 3 years until now.

            I use Windows 10 on a 2 in 1 in tablet mode. With this update I can't see cool downs through my hand and arm. Drilling a hole through my arm to see them seems like a too drastic of a solution. How about moving them to the top or allowing us a setting to decide where we want the the icons along the border of the screen. Currently I am unable to play the game now and too old to change my muscle memory.


              just log in suddenly not .45 anymore
              play Story Mode &trials etc
              have to get used to this new feature is it?
              erm: To be honest i like the shining? monsters& bosses. Excellence

              Now related to the the health potion buttons? we used to have it on "our right and slightly above" where everybody can see it. Where is it? OMG not just down below but on our left. Change here change there? wat are they thinking? i just dont understand
              Thank you
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              Shield Warrior: Still Trial 154 I'm afraid 9:40 min (this season)


                Just had new PC version forced on me a second time. No warning or notice, same as the first time. Same funky Fire Lily and same icon location, stretched out along bottom of screen. Going to require some retraining to know where to look for status of abilities. Already having problems triggering pop-ups by getting too close to bottom of screen while engaging enemies.
                I do like the new item/enemy highlighting, at least during trials and story runs, less so in town where it is less useful. Would be nice to have an option to be able to turn it on or off.
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                  The new update has made the game virtually unplayable on my PC with a frame rate of 8-17 FPS. Turned down what I could in settings. restarted the game, rebooted the PC... Have no probs with games like Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and the Dragon Age series. Sad.


                    Still running .45. Will do gold runs until I am hit too.

                    The broken portal issue don't seem as annoying now. Not as much as the new UI at least.

                    *Update* Still having the portals issue in 1.5.49.
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                    • Benedicto
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                      Not on mobile. The portal/NPC problem still exists..

                    • Grand_Wazoo
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                      Removed my comment on which portals are working again. Still very present in 1.5.49.(PC)
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                    cooldowns at the bottom, all of them right next to each other making them indistinguishable, buffs top left, enemy debuffs top right... Gets me cross-eyed
                    Mage: Anba
                    Bounty Hunter: Gemma


                      Biggest issue for me is the stupid icons being moved to the bottom because it makes an ultrawide monitor's vertical field of view even more narrow and shortens my leap ability when trying to leap south.

                      The other problem is that hitting ESC took me right to character selection as desired. Now I have to go through hitting ESC, hitting "Exit to Main Menu" and then confirm YES. That's I-N-S-A-N-E !!!

                      Does anyone know if a single press way to get to chr selection? Or the address of the devs so we can fart in their general direction?


                        This new UI interferes with gameplay. And it offers no new useful information.

                        - Icons (and popups) should only be displayed in the setting in which they are relevant. I.e. all the left hand icons are not relevant in trials or story. Icon clutter needlessly blocks the ability to play the game on limited screen space. Icon clutter was improved several versions ago - please don't take this huge step backwards.
                        - Icon shrinking and squishing together makes any helpful countdown information is needlessly difficult to see. And trying to click on any of the interactive icons becomes needlessly difficult.
                        - Icon placement at the bottom of the screen interferes tremendously with view of the screen and the ability to play the level (trial or story). Icons are taking up a highly active area of gameplay and prevent movement/attacking/etc in this important area. Popups are even worse, blocking almost to the center of the screen!

                        Good things:
                        The addition of keymapping is very welcome!

                        Popups do not align with the skill icon over which the mouse pointer is hovering.
                        After entering full immersive mode in settings, the bottom skill icons no longer display, but hover popups still appear.
                        (using Windows 10 on Thinkpad X1 carbon rev 5)

                        Message to Developers:
                        Thank you for continuing to actively develop this game - it is great! But please listen to user feedback. We are giving this valuable information to you for free. If the majority of major players are telling you the same thing, as in this case with this new UI, please pay attention to it. We are giving you this feedback (including the complaints) because we enjoy the game you have created, and we are trying to help you keep it great (and consequently increase your revenue.)
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                          Check. Check. Check. You hit all of the points I was going to make, including the option to remap keys being a big plus, but unfortunately, the only plus.


                            this is not friendly interface.

                            the object highlight is annoying and the toolbar at the bottom is relatively useless.

                            the object highlight is annoying. it doesnt make sense with other design features and kills the mood of the game. the toolbar on the bottom is cluttered and small.

                            the object highlight is annoying. this game is not difficult to see characters and objects. the maps arent complicated, even in trials.

                            with each category of the toolbar spread over the screen as before, the needed information is separated and more organized for gameplay.
                            when the cool down is on the side peripheral vision works in our favor.
                            the object highlight is annoying and unnecessary. at least make it optional please.

                            i'm not checking my mail in battle.

                            also the object highlight is super annoying. seriously its so annoying.

                            +1 Lodwig
                            +1 TransmoT