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Eternium video setting: I wonder

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    Eternium video setting: I wonder

    Since late 2017
    I'm very curious this Resolution setting thing our Nhat suggest used "full" not "half" or " one-third"

    ​​​​​​ Even an 8 year old boy knows: the lower the resolution (half or a third or even lower ) the game should be better.

    BUt but: For ages when I try to used other than "full" the game seems worse for my old PC ( now out of order /kaput) and my honor 7 pone (I'm fully usin mobile at the moment).

    The question is: Anybody (mobile/PC users) has any luck usin this "half" or 1/3 resolution?

    Have a nice day
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    Whirlwind Shield Warrior Trial 154 in 9:21 min
    Redmi 10 (40-55 fps thankfully at least no stutter, glitches etc at higher trials) PURIST Mobile user

    For me its worst if i put other then full my fps drop and im not able to draw symbol. I need to draw bigggg symbol to make it work