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    Steam & Microsoft store versions

    I'm trying to get away from my cell phone, so when I saw Eternium in the Microsoft Store, I decided to return to the game (after 2+ years). I've really enjoyed it so far. However, there are some issues.

    Steam version

    I tried this out when it was released. I really like the feature where the mouse cursor highlights what is selected! I wish the Microsoft Store version had that, too. However, the buttons are too small, and the setting that seems to change this doesn't work. I also don't like how they're arranged. The Windows Store version is better in that regard. I also don't like the cursor. I already had a hard enough finding the cursor in the MS Store version when there's a lot of action on the screen, but the Windows cursor is small and white, making it almost impossible to find amid the action. For these reasons, I've reverted back to using the MS Store version for now.

    Microsoft Store version

    As I said above, I like the layout of the buttons and their size. This version also needs the ability to highlight objects on mouse-over. Also, something needs to be done to make the cursor stand out a bit more. It's not nearly as bad as the Steam version, but it's still easy to lose in all the special effects.

    Both versions

    And for both versions, there's a known issue with targeting enemies. Clicking a group sometimes moves your character only, and other times it triggers an attack. (It needs to always attack.) Also, solo enemies can be very hard to target. Their selectable area should grow if they are not in a group, and of course, clicking it should trigger an attack. I don't know how the programmers do this, but I imagine having two circles under enemies. On the top layer is the individual target, and clicking it takes priority. Underneath that is the group circle, which covers the ground around the entire group. It would catch clicks that miss individual targets and instead pick a target within the group at random and initialize an attack. Using an approach like this, the solo enemies could have their own "group" with a wider circle. If they then join up with another group, the group circles merge into one. (Again, I'm not a game designer. That's just how I'd do it.)

    Another small thing: On the story map, please zoom out or realign Act 3. I can hardly see/select 3-34 "Oasis" on either version.

    Also, if you want to hide things in barrels, sacks, and carts, it's not enough to just highlight them on mouse-over for easier targeting. Objects that are too far out of reach shouldn't be selectable at all, and the character should also hit the accessible ones when clicked. Too often, I have to move my character around to hit a specific barrel because they're not aligned properly or something is in the way. As a result, he just stands there or hits something else instead. Maybe you could let AoE attacks pop barrels, etc? They're spread out enough and the cooldown timers would still mean that farming this way would be more time-consuming.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Would love a 'high contrast" option for the mouse cursor.

    Also - the Steam Mini-map for Trials is not particularly useful - it is just a block with no definition outlined at all when you start the Trial

    ... KTB


      FYI, you can use the settings menu in Steam to get the abilities Icons on the left side of the screen instead of at the bottom [see screenshot] . Just unclick the "Use PC HUD" button to turn it OFF. It is probably worth relearning the new locations to clear up your active game area [which is what players were asking for], but in the short term I am mostly just using the left hand margin display since it is more familiar to my brain.

      The "suicide run" movement issue happens when you accidentally click on an empty spot on the screen instead of targeting an actual enemy, which is very easy to do with a big stubby finger on mobile device. It still happens on PC when you miss your target, though not nearly as often since the mouse is far more accurate. I have never had it happen to me when my attack position was accurate. The new enemy outlines help to prevent that in the Steam version; just light them up and pull the trigger.

      Lastly, don't bother with trying to open barrels and boxes. There is generally nothing of real value in them, and stopping to open them wastes time, especially during limited time ANB events. Maybe if I was just starting and did not have any materials to work with, but even then, there are much more effective ways to grind materials and gold.

      Click image for larger version

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