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Please consider letting us retire characters early from ANB events.

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    Please consider letting us retire characters early from ANB events.

    So my current situation is that I started playing 5 days ago, and ANB started roughly a day and a half ago and I'm now "done" with ANB, I have an hour left on the timer and got my second CT.
    Once I run out the timer, I'm basically forced to go back to my "old main" that is like level 130 and at most did a trial 45, while my more powerful event character just sits there for the next week and does nothing because I can't play it.

    Please consider just locking in the best trial run on the leaderboards and let people transfer their character to non-event so they can keep playing while still being eligible for medals. Cos currently my two options are to either regress and play a significantly weaker character, which feels awful, or to just not play the game, which is equally awful.

    As someone who can’t hold back, I like the idea, but it may have impact on season ranking. Real pros actually accumulate skill levels for several days until they finally start to play with high skills and other stuff already.


      What do pros and the min/maxed way you play after you're already established have to do with the new player experience though?


        While waiting for the event to end, try 5 starring your original toon. Means playing each story map 15 times but there are red gems to be had.

        Alternatively if you are finished running trials and don't intend to push in the last few hours up the leaderboard, why not take advantage of the higher xp and gold/gem drop rates in an ANB and go farm gold/gemstones/experience?


          My advice is to open a second account, so you can run two different heroes in the same event. You will probably never use up all of the event time again if you are spreading your time between two different accounts. I typically like to run head to head challenges of different gear sets or classes to make it more interesting. Plus, you won't be just sitting on your hands while your abilities cook on one account, since you will be running the second account hero during that down time.


            Retiring event heroes early would also make planning harder. Sometimes a season ends in the middle of an Anb, and then being able to end Anb early could affect season ratings. Nothing the devs can’t fix by looking at the planning, but it would probably lead to less Anb in a year due to Anb needing to be postponed.

            That said, for everything there are workarounds. If it’s purely to give new players access to a decently unlocked toon faster, they could for instance make it so the first Anb can be ended sooner or something.

            And lastly to the op: this is the kind of game that takes time building a decent main character, getting all gear at lvl 77,… part of that is playing time, but part of that is also making gear in Anb to bring home (and thus waiting for anb). So the few days till the end of the Anb you don’t have access to a decent character, won’t matter that much in the long run.

            like earlier people said, building up your gems by 5 starring the story mode with your original char (or a new one you start) is never a waste of time. Gems aid in AnB, which then feed your main character with better gear.
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              With completing 50 of the 55 story's × 3 levels is 1500 gems. Plus the 3 gem side quests. Worth while doing.
              For Bounty Hunter, four piece Assault (any level) normal pants and boots at level 77 for max Movement. Max out Ability Rate for use with Smoke, high Armor, Vitality, Life Regeneration for survival. And Power for the final and run through the levels very quickly.
              Just wished creating a new character was cheaper in GEMS to make it worthwhile doing between ANB's created characters.

              Michael Garrison
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                strictly speaking the only gem cost you can not avoid is the 50 gems needed to delete the character.

                For a low cost gem / gold /jewel farmer, try a warrior as follows:

                1 attack: frenzy lvl 3
                1 active skill: jump lvl 1
                Fleet footed passive

                Gear (craft once and hand down):
                4 warlords 2 fury, belt of the whirling storm, vial of the wind spirit, fire Lilly, blade storm axe set
                stats on gear: gold, parry, ability rate, movement speed or power

                this gives you a warrior with fast run and casting speed for fast jumping with storm of swords on landing, ww proc when hit, damage pulses from belt and vial.

                now mind you this is no “avoid all enemies and head to finish” build, but you will be able to do partial clears fast. It cannot run through levels like a bh can, but if you use the build with a gold booster, killing enemies and opening chests on your direct path will give you a one stop shop for gold, jewels and gems.

                as you can see there are no unlocks needed, and apart from a few high health bosses it will cut through story mode like a hot knife through butter. Also no high skills needed. Your damage comes from storm of swords, ww proc belt damage pulse, vial damage pulse. All large area damage, if it’s on your screen it’s dead. Only gem spend is the 50 gem delete cost.

                To get the max out of every char: before deleting craft a lvl 77.

                mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

                SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


                • Kardinaal
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                  I dropped the “do not play the game just try to rush the end” playing style with the new act2. The long levels there offer vast amounts of weak enemies just bursting with jewels and gold. With ww proc + belt taking 2s off cast times jump is ready fast so you can do multiple jumps efficiently to traverse the big levels.

                  Just make shure that if monsters are aggro’d you kill them to avoid getting stuck ending the level. But with the wide damage area’s that’s easily done.

                  It’s a revolutionary new style that rewards actually playing a level effectively rather than reach the end asap and will thus help train you to become a better player overall.