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Side Quests Don't Make Sense Now

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    Side Quests Don't Make Sense Now

    [I am going to leave aside the rationale of moving them to after full completion of Normal Story mode just prior to the Steam release - I simply assume that among the expected inundation of support demand, this was one which could just be avoided by moving them]

    I finally transferred a character into my main from an ANB and so I hadn't had any experience with the Side Quests since them moving.

    They make no sense now!

    Say what you may about the story, but the narrative of the Side Quests is all out of whack. They don't make any sense after having run through the entire existing story line.

    An odd re-write of the script(s) of the quests might fix that I guess, but that isn't the only problem, nor do I see it as the biggest problem.

    None of the Quest rewards make much sense any more.

    XP / Gold / Gems are all out of alignment with a character which has completed the full story line (and would now be getting 5 x 20 Gems per day plus gold/XP that are bigger than the side quests).

    The glaring example of out of alignment quest rewards is The Lefthand Brotherhood. The quest reward - a ring from Morgan only makes sense in the course of running through at the time - as an introduction of adding stats via the ring. You are now given this ring long after Morgan has issued you the "Craft a piece of Jewelry" and "Fuse" quests.

    The same can be said for the rest of the rewards (Mushroom Stew / Ethereal Iced Tea / other Jewelry) - they just don't make sense in terms of getting them AFTER the completion of the story - since they (and their stories) are designed to go along with the progression through the story the first time.

    I hope that y'all will seriously consider restoring them to being in-line with the main story quest (or completely re-write their stories and re-code rewards which make sense now)

    ... KTB