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    Development roadmap

    I mean, new content, we want new content! *ahem*...

    But failing that, a development roadmap would be really nice, so we don't feel so lost. The eternal "Coming soon..." really makes it feel like development has been abandoned, and I only know that this is not the case from a stray post that mentions getting back to working on Act V.

    So, ok, release dates are not a thing you want to get into. Sure.

    But why not stages? Surely there's some kind of internal milestone process that we could have reflected to us here in userland. Something as simple as:

    Act V: Team 1 - On hold
    • Concept & Story : Done
    • Visual assets : Acceptance
    • Level design : 5/10 complete
    • Written dialogue : 92%
    • Audio dialogue and voice assets : Recording
    • Alpha testing : initialized
    • Regression : OK
    • Beta testing : pre-initialized
    Unique Items: Team 2 - Under development
    • Concepts : 6/8
    • 2D Art : 5/8
    • 3D assets : 1/8
    • Costing : 1/8
    • Testing : 0/8 complete
    Mobile bugfixes : Team 1 - Hi priority
    • See here for fixes slated for inclusion
    Fourth class : Conceptualizing
    Marketplace : No

    And so forth. Just ongoing engagement of some kind.

    Also, more CONTENT!

    Sadly, I think the Devs have left the building on this one. Think they must be contracted out by Blizzard. #comingsoon has been in the pipelines for 3 years now. Enough time to cycle round the world..........twice!


      Coming soon is the only roadmap


        OK, big positive spin on this one. Actually #comingsoon is fully in the pipelines and due for release very very very soon. Its going to revolutionise the game by incorporating co-op play across multiple platforms and across multiple game. This metamorphosis will generate a new virtual world and a new virtual currency. Its going to be called "coming soon coin" or CSC. This is somthing we should all invest in now before it skyrockets. Speaking of rockets, the new collaborative and inter-operative game model will allow you to travel to new virtual distant worlds and may even facilitate actual space travel the future. Ever changing / evolving, the player base will have their minds blown as a new era of gaming / life is thrust upon us. Challenged with seeking out strange new worlds in a vast unexplored universe, we will boldly go where no one has gone before.


          I have posted many times about the need for new content so I won’t belabor that again. What prompted me putting in my 2 cents worth was the mention of Blizzard above. Diablo: Immortal is scheduled for release on June 2, last I knew. Anybody planning to check it out? I tried getting into my WoW account but they keep sending a code to my old Android phone that was set up as an “Authenticator” over 10 years ago. They refuse to let me access my account and disable the Authenticator without the code sent to the long retired dead battery phone. Go figure.


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            Yep, 100% going to give Diablo a go. There are rumours of it being pay to win. However if it is still fun without paying then I will move over to that. Don't even mind spending a bit on it. Especially as this game has had over $1000 off me.

          • Tolimar
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            Right there with you. I have also spent way too much real money on Eternium. I also don’t mind pay to play; I played EverQuest for 16 years and don’t think I spent as much as I have on Eternium. I wouldn’t mind a monthly fee like EQ or WoW has, rather than the money sinkhole of in app purchases. Looking forward to seeing how Diablo Immortal deals with it. I like Eternium, but DI may be a game changer, pun intended!

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            Tolimar , I really hope DI is good, Eternium has pretty much run it's course now. Plus it isn't developed anymore, so there isn't really a great deal to stick around for.