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Suggestions for spending Glory?

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    Suggestions for spending Glory?

    So, here is where I am at:

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    I am looking for any advice on how I should use my Glory.

    Yes, I have Glory unlocked everything currently possible in the game.

    How about allowing us to convert Glory to Gems or Gold? Would come in extremely handy during ANBs when gold is an early limiting factor.

    Maybe modify the milestones that give Glory to give an option to choose between Glory or some other item? The need for Glory only lasts so long.

    Currently there is around only 1130 Glory worth of things to unlock. This means that a completely free-to-play player that receives maximum Glory from each event will run out of things to use Glory on in around seven months with the current pace of events. The practical need for Glory ends way before that seven months time frame.

    We have known since Glory was first introduces over two years ago that benefit of Glory would not last long and players started immediately asking what Glory would be useful for in the near future. Well, we are well past that point.

    Really is time for some thinking about what Glory could be used for unless you expect players to leave within seven months of playing the game.


    1) Glory enables CTs to be undone (should use a lot of glory for each unlock, say 500 glory per unlock)

    2) Glory can be used instead of cosmetic points to unlock skins

    3) Additional new skins unlocked once you have reached say 500 glory, 1000 glory etc