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    After years of playing and only reading here, i have to write my first reply in this forum. Nice to hear at devs. want to hear wishes from the Players.
    Here are my wishes:

    1. Spliting the leaderbord, for me some mobile only Player would be nice.

    2. Redesign som of the set items. Maby add som Special, Like gold or exp. on it. More playable variation on Set items which need a boost on stats. Damage reflection looks interresting but dont work god enough with mage or shild warrior.

    3. My first impression after playing this Game was, there is not a big difference between haste or ability rate. After years of playing i still think it need more difference in play Style. It means If i go all in for haste or ability rate should be more difference. But it doesn't matter. Allways need a bit of both. Real difference in faster attack Speed and faster casting Speed would be nice too.
    No need for global cooldown.

    4. Drop only Anb without crafting

    5. Use all Story levels for daily quests.
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      Automatic bag sorting
      ability to label storage slots (gold farm equipment, gems, ect)
      Dps meter


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        There is a dps meter you can access in Trials at any time - the Trial stat icon just above potions and apples. It might be hard to access for mobile players or even covered if using lots of boosters and tavern buffs. For PC users you can hit F5 as a shortcut to bring it up. One small caveat is that anything doing less than 1% of overall damage won't show in the stats.
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      My 2 cents for this thread ....

      If you want us to take your effort in reviving the game seriously and take us off your back, while you are doing the things you need to do, then I suggest to make some additional low effort changes to the existing version of the game. I know that you just released a patch for seasonal gems, not the most motivating fix from a player perspective, but it proves that you are able to mod the existing game. Now that your fingers are warm, please give us something what would actually keep us occupied for a longer period of time.

      Im covering here only Mage SCR and Arcanist sets, but Im sure that our esteemed players could come up with similar lists for almost any dead/broken build. I think Bo already gave some brief suggestions about DFA.

      All the things Im suggesting here can be done by just altering some values in the game. You dont need to code anything new and I highly suspect that it all can be done in the current version of the game engine. Hell, I have some pretty cool modded items on my test account, done with no access to the deeper recess of the game.

      Fix immune texts - the texts are generated when there is a mob type, what reflects damage, while you are immune. The fix is easy, remove that reflecting damage from the mob. I have never seen the reflected damage hit me in a way that I could tell that im in danger. tbh I have never noticed it at all, so it is probably completely neglible, why have it in the game breaking other stuff?

      Create a belt for SCR and Arcanist - Lightning struck (LS) debuff from belt of the whispered secrets does not have the damage reduction (DR) debuff when it procs (like the one Stormcaller set has). When fighting a mob, who has LS from the set bonus, then the belt LS proc will just refresh the debuff and all is fine, but if the LS is initially proced from the belt, then there is no DR debuff along it and procing LS from set bonus, refreshes that while not adding the DR debuff. So the only way to gain the DR back, is to let the current LS run out and apply a new one from the set bonus. Even if this thing is fixed, the belt is still very undewhelming and confusing (compared to frostfire or igniters). You have to have deflect, which is arcane damage btw, to proc a lightning damage increasing debuff, the only reason is that you do not have any notable deflect chance and addign it to your build is not a viable option. But there is another belt which is as confusing and as underwhelming. Belt of Arcane shielding. The only thing you get with that belt is a ton of deflect chance, but with the cost of a ton of armor. The tradeoff is barely viable over a normal belt and SRC mages are just stuck with it, since there is no better option. So when we look at how much power does the frostfire and igniters belt give, then the whole situation is even more confusing. But ...

      If you join those belts and remove the armor reduction, we will have something very desirable. For SCR not so much in dmg boost, but a right step in survivability department. But for Arcanist, some additional tweaks would make it also a needed dmg boost.

      So the steps:
      1. Make the belt proc the exact same Lightning struck as Stormcaller set does.

      2: Add also +100% arcane damage taken to the original lightning struck (to both, from the belt and from the stormcaller set bonus) debuff with damage reduction and those 2 elemental debuffs. Arcane dmg on a deflect belt fits perfect, because if i may remind you, deflect is arcane damage. For stormcaller set, it would give some synergy for Ripple on FK weapons and maybe open a pathway to some alternate builds. What the belt will do to Arcanist set, i will cover below.

      Make an effort to revive Arcanist set - It lacks the damage and survivability for mobphase. With the past increase in mob strength, SOFT is not enough to keep you alive. At TL140, you cant take on a single group of monsters with fully Ct’ed set.

      1. Increase the SOFT damage reduction back to 90-95% in PvE. - that, paired with my suggested belt change, would maybe be enough to clear very high trials.

      2. Make arcane skills (Time warp, Paradox, Blink, Singularity) add 2 soft charges and all other skills one charge. This would bring back permasoft while not making the build to spammy. Those arcane skills have long cooldowns and should award more charges, while having the ability to use other, short cooldown skills (nova, immolate, blizzard) to build up charges would open up some other build variations and make farming XP easier. We might see a version with Time warp, immolate, blink.

      3. Change the SOFT damage modifier to be 400% arcane damage not all damage. This would prevent the set to be used for frost and fire builds, since all skills would add charges and it would probably then be better than ELR. Also changing it to +arcane damage would also boost the deflected damage, which the current set bonus doesn’t do.

      4. Change paradox skill to be – Your hero gains 15000 deflect rating, becomes immune to control effects and does not receive damage for (2) 5 seconds, any damage that would be received while paradox is active, is converted into an absorb shield, lasting for 12 seconds. While the shield holds, your hero deals 30% more damage. Also the % of power should be adjusted to meet the damage numbers foes deal these days.

      This change would make the skill more desirable and be used in combination with the suggested belt, to be a true deflect master. Im not sure if all this would make the set completely viable, but it would be a good starting point. Being able to utilize permasoft and added defence from various sources, may let the Arc mage to do bigger pulls or stay alive on higher trials. Getting more charges or casting more skills will yield more ripple damage. Boosting the set Arcane damage by the belt and SOFT, will let you also do serous damage by deflecting the attacks. I think this does add up to the fantasy of the set and doesnt change it into a completely different thing from what it was.​

      In case the changes will not rise it to par with ELR or SCR, I have a really strong feeling that it could do really well in XP grind, being a prefect build for those who want go for SCR in anb.


        Sorry for putting in 1 more suggestion (maybe this should be in a bug thread), but I have not seen this anywhere so far and supposing this is a general problem. Do not know if this happens on mobile only :

        Please make all inanimate objects, boulders, cactuses, trees etc. non-attackable !

        This is very very frustrating and most of the time is not bad aiming from the player, but the mage beam ,e.g., actually prefers to lock into a boulder rather than all the enemies around.
        Sometimes, he will even beam more than 45° off target from the direction of the sign drawn ?

        All of this occurs with all auto attacks off, so that should exclude them from being the cause....
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          Update season rewards, especially the large gear crates. I just opened all of the season reward crates from this season, and I did not get even one usable item. Everything is level 70 and stats are completely randomized (a.k.a., useless). I suggest allowing crafting mastery bonuses to apply to gear rolls in the season award crates (i.e., so you could occasionally roll level 77 gear) and increase the chances of opening set pieces.


            I just totally newbie in this game but after read several comment about this post, may I have an idea.

            3 things may could change :

            1. Gornathan new job.
            give him job to open market online. So any player can sell their item to the other player. Maybe like an auction. With currency Gems surely.

            2. Expired used item weapon / gear.
            you can add expired time for weapon and gear, maybe one season. So if the player want keep their weapon / gear they must pay gold like they craft the new one. Just pay gold, not resources. It like tax in real life. So the player must farm gold to guarantee they can used their item / gear.

            3. Medal expired when it used after 1 or 2 season.
            so the player can competite to get medal every season to equip it in the next season. May it can make Eternium like an life every season.

            that is 3 things if I could change Eternium.

            Keep the good work. So proud all of you in development team.


              1. Free stuff or mini events. Many online games give free stuff, at certain times of the year, or have portals, mini events, where you get in game currency, items, etc.. Usually these occur during Christmas, Easter, July 4th, and Halloween. These items are above and beyond what the calendar offers eg. 1000 Gems, a million gold, or perhaps some of the packs offered in ANB..
              2. Definitely more classes. I myself am not a Mage, or shooter kind of player. Hell, maybe a non-human character, or characters, might be cool.
              3.A more open world style. Having to run paths in some areas, is extremely annoying, especially when you get stuck somewhere.


                1. Swamp Class toon
                2. More swamp maps
                3. Swamp event.


                  Players usually open tons of basic crates during ANB, so kinda ×10 basic crate (×10 mats, ×10 price) please..
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                    One that I just thought of - in story mode, you can see how many times you've run through a level. How hard would it be to add this for trials?

                    Occurred to me because I feel like I've been farming TL#105 hundreds of times during the current ANB, it would be interesting to see how many times I have actually gone through it.


                      Greetings All,

                      *Stackable CT's... Maybe with CL limit (1/100). Possibly add a material transfer for CT to orb; ***(At current exchange) without having to salvage items. (ML 35; bonus stacking earn; as a minimum). **Maybe a minimum for all suggested.

                      *Jbox with conditions: Stackable to a CL variant; (Not stackable below CL 1400 **ML35). Ability to use as Uncommon; if ML 50. (These would need to be the better near perfect values.)

                      *Possibly to recraft jewelry if one piece of legendary combination had no gemstones. (Of course this would only be available to ML 50 and CL 2000). Also only jewelry created after the updated parameters; as it would need to be recorded.

                      Thought of a few things; the longer you play the more you collect; fixes.

                      Happy Hunting !

                      Wisp ~S~ BH

                      ​​​​The material exchange for CT's would have; more than a common value; although only enhance one attribute to max...
                      ***This suggestion is opened to greater option and opinion.

                      Edit: bibliography. Note that stackable CT's and Jboxes; including alternate uses; have been mentioned multiple times by others.
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                        Possibly allow ML50 increase.
                        Retro-active.At some minimal effect; as to represent a 100% next level item value. At a new ML100 lv. 78/77 item.

                        Edit: Also read about boosting companions...
                        CT (Hero CL ability) ; adding minimum effects increase to companion/per CT (one CT/effect/companion) or CT the companion; ML50/CL2000/TL120+)(1 CT/500CL)

                        Edit: omit "Retro active". Reason: no countable record.
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                      1. I would like the option to "move only" on tap/left click and "attack without moving only" on double tap/ right click
                      2. removal of global cooldown (already voted for that on first page)
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                        • 1. More "Skins" for armours and weapons,
                        • 2. Gems of element damage and element defense .
                        • 3. That the red zone that is used to know where the enemy is going to throw an ability looks more defined and is not so much a "fog".
                        • 4. ¿Shake effect for hard skills? Like Stun or something that.
                        • 5. ¿More Daily Misions?
                        • 6. ability "blink" ignore (no block) small walls for move.
                        • 7. Option for No see Companion Damage in "Training Grounds"
                        • 8. Put "a" (or any key) and select area for attack area like Warcraft 3 or something like that
                        • 9. Second Cooldown for second "point" of Blink Ability
                        • 10. Spec branch for ready-made skills.

                        Example with "blink"

                        Branch 1: Make you invisible or invulnerable for 1 second.
                        Branch 2: That teleports you a greater distance and during and for a few seconds you have more attack range depending on how far the ability takes you.
                        Branch 3: That using the "blink" ability heals you a little.
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                          Taking up @unbehavedWeasel's idea (2 posts above)

                          Very interesting idea, especially for mobile.
                          1 finger tap = move only
                          1 finger doubletap = attack with primary
                          2 finger doubletap = attack with secondary
                          2 finger tap = ? (move only \\ activate or deactivate all {or optionally those ticked in settings} autoattacks \\ attack with secondary)

                          If technically possible this could be a great way to reduce accidental attacking & accidental moving (current problem of primary attack \ one finger) !

                          Another welcome change if above not possible:

                          Currently when primary attack is empty and only secondary equipped, one can not attack with two finger tap, but only with 1 finger tap.
                          Change to = only two finger tap activates attack and one finger tap = move only when primary attack is empty and only secondary equipped. This would be great for the Mage SCR build where only ArcLightning is needed.
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                            Привет . Первое : сделать возможность красить вещи . Много гулять в одних и тех цветах, утомляет. Хочется цветовой палитры. ))
                            Второе : новые миры . Поэтому , что открылось уже пройдены . Сегодня завершил Легенда на всех звёздах .
                            Понимаю , что это не так важно со стороны разработчиков , но вдруг прислушаются они .
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