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    1. I usually don't like PVP, but Arena in Eternium is interesting, so I would appreciate if you fix bugs.
    maybe to make also possibility that match can be draw (not just victory or defeat) if there no winner. As it happened to me to game crash as soon as match start and I lose.
    1a. To be able to earn (or lose) glory in arena (e.g. 1 glory= 3 rating points), and to use glory to buy arena tickets or boosts or gemstones or... something.
    2. To get more gems (currency) from trial bosses (e.g. 0-6) depend on ratio of boss toughness/player dmg, higher difference = more gems.


      Now it came to me for selling items to Mitzu, maybe you could make mass selling like there is mass salvaging. uncommon and lower, rare and lower etc..

      Just a thought


      • ricklhall
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        I like the thought.

      Here are three things that I would change:
      1. Run at least some ANBs without medals having an effect. I mostly subscribe to the notion that 'players get medals in ANB because they are good players, not because they have medals already'. Still, it's awful design to give good, experienced players the equivalent of two extra Level77 pieces of equipment every time. Usain Bolt won the 100m sprint because he was the best. But who on earth would think it was a good idea to give him a 1cm head start for every time he won, so he would start the Olympics finals a meter ahead of the rest? (BTW, I'd like an ANB where you would get something like 1000 gems, and cannot spend your own gems, to have a completely level playing field... but understand that the devs got to earn somehow too)
      2. Limit the number of lives in trials. Some people complete a level while dying over 30 times. That's within the rules, so fair game, but it doesn't feel right. Maybe there should be a penalty of like 0.5 seconds for every time you die over 10?
      3. Allow to zoom out a little bit more. As a BH, I am often firing at mobs that are under the minimap/UI
      4. I know that I was only allowed three requests, but...Always start story-levels at the start. It's a minor nuisance, but I so often have to re-run a daily quest because a mob didn't spawn in Murkvale or Scartree Hold.
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        I quit this game a couple of years ago and when I came across the game again I had forgotten why - until now. This current event where I have crafted 29 legendary items, but yet none at level 77, reminded me of how much I hate this crafting system. You grind for hours doing dailies to get the mats, gems and gold to make an item and you hit the hammer and wait to see and naturally it's worse than the one you made last time. All that effort and time to be disenchanted for a Tiny fraction of the costs to make it. You try again, same result. Then you are on repeat until at some point you might finally get a 77 or give up. And this is just for one slot for one character. Multiply this by 16 slots and 3 characters and the cost is too much. Sure I can throw a lot of money to buy gems and materials but I already buy the season pass and the daily gems so the devs are getting more from me than my Wow subscription but it seems to not be enough. I had a half decent set of fury gear but then it switched and everyone was using Juggernaut, now it's switched again and I need to get Defender. I just don't have the energy to keep farming to have it all nerfed knowing its only this way because it's pay-more-to-play. I enjoyed Wow, I paid monthly for 10 years and got a lot out of it, Eternium seems too expensive and too restrictive, lacking in content in comparison. And the crowning glory is of course the bracers of mastery/combat. This is a new level of torture where you can get your level 77 but then you see it's not the right bonus stat for your build so it's yet another waste of time with the added bonus of knowing you just blew that rare 77 for another month or so.

        ​​​​​​I could suggest ways to fix this but crafting seems to have been nerfed recently to be even more annoyingly difficult to get high level items with gem slots so you have to get more gemstones to add those to keep up.

        ​​There is a point where people stop enjoying the grind and stop playing. Wow tried to fix that by increasing the level cap and the item level and added new content to keep people interested. Eternium has perhaps started to go that way but it seems to me like they need more money from the players to pay for it and I just can't see spending real money to gamble on the item craft lottery. It's not funny anymore


        • ricklhall
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          I have stepped out of serious ANB play due to very similar reasons.

        1. Able to name my storage tabs, not just 1.2.3….
        it would make finding my stuff for each class so much easier.

        2. have my armory equipment return to the same tab slots it came from.
        having to hunt for a piece of shared jewelry…..

        3. ANB Leaderboard - show us details for others.
        i want to see stat totals to help me build for the future

        4. ANB Leaderboard - show remaining time
        does the toon I am chasing have an hour of play time left or are they done?


          1. Get rid of time delay spawn mobs. They add very little to the game but are disproportionately more annoying than anything else in the game. Perhaps make this a reward for getting to legendary level?

          2. Have mobs drop celestial orbs or a minor version to add a bit of excitement to the grind. Would help deminish the "unlucky" penalty for lvl 77 gear that didn't get the perfect rating on stats.

          3. Add an infinite level up reward for season pass to make it relevant for the whole season once you have collected the current 20 levels. Perhaps a random selection of one of the daily login rewards?
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            How about an armor color editor?


              crafting in all games is almost the same, a strictly defined amount of ingredients is taken and a strictly defined product is obtained, with minor deviations. However, I would like a little freedom, it’s like cooking in the kitchen, you can take anything and in any quantities and get completely different products with an exquisite taste, just like in crafting you can take any quantity of any ingredients that you have in stock or that you want to use and resulting in products with completely different characteristics. It is clear that it is most likely quite difficult to implement this at the software level, but it would be more interesting than churning out identical things with the same characteristics