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Introduce Hardcore Mode

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    Introduce Hardcore Mode

    Thoughts on making an event or an additional mode for hardcore where death is permanent?

    I think this game would be absolutely amazing with a hardcore mode. Would slow it down a bit and force more strategic progression. Sure permadeath sucks when it occurs but it forces a learn from your mistake mindset and strategize better play style. These characters would need the cost to delete removed as I’m sure they will be reset more often but keep all the shared inventory even through death only losing character inventory.

    it’s one thing to get to trial 150+ in standard, but doing that deathless would take some serious skill & investment.

    In some games I do permadeath in the simplest way: delete the hero upon death. In the case of Eternium, I would wipe the account and start a new one.
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      That’s next level hardcore lol but I like it!